Pucci is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is an arrogant young boy who lives in Castle Town with his friends. Pucci is the leader of a clan of six youths known as the Soleanna Boys, and he enjoys playing hide-and-seek and other games with his team mates. He claims that the Soleanna Boys' purpose is to "protect Soleanna", overestimating their own strength.



In Sonic's story, Pucci gives Sonic his fourth Town Mission. Unlike the majority of Soleanna's residents, Pucci refuses to believe that Sonic is able to save Princess Elise. He decides to test his abilities in a game of hide-and-seek, where Sonic must run around Castle Town and find each member of the Soleanna Boys in under five minutes. When Sonic conquers his challenge, Pucci swiftly changes his opinion of him, adding him as a seventh member of the Soleanna Boys and encouraging him to save Elise.


In Silver's story, Pucci gives Silver his seventh Town Mission. By this time, Sonic has become a good friend of the Soleanna Boys as well as a member of the team. Silver is looking for information regarding Sonic's location, but Pucci denies him any clues towards one of his allies. He promises to tell Silver on the condition that he completes the same challenge he gave to Sonic; he must find all six Soleanna Boys in Castle Town within the five minute time limit. Silver manages to catch the children, prompting Pucci to give him the information.


An unabashedly rude and immature child, Pucci appears to have delusions of grandeur, as he and the other Soleanna Boys plan on joining the Soleanna Royal Guards and defending the country when they are older.



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