The Psychic Knife (サイコカッター Saikokattā?, lit. "Psycho Cutter") is a technique used by Silver the Hedgehog in the console/PC Sonic Generations, appearing as one of Silver’s attacks during the Modern Era's Rival Battle in Crisis City. It is a move where Silver uses his psychokinesis to form a knife-like wave and fires it at his foes.


When using this move, Silver uses his psychokinetic powers to form a concentration of psychic energy that takes the shape of a wide, knife-like cyan wave which displays electrical discharges. When forming the Psychic Knife, Silver performs a wave-like motion with his left hand, which causes the Psychic Knife to appear in front of him. Once formed, Silver holds the Psychic Knife suspended in front of him while he aims, and then releases it with a swing of his left hand.

During the battle, Silver can hurl the Psychic Knife at Sonic either horizontally or vertically. When Silver throws a horizontal Psychic Knife, Sonic must jump over, or Slide under it. When Silver throws a vertical Psychic Knife, Sonic must avoid it using Quick Step.


  • The Psychic Knife is similar to the Egg Emperor’s slash attack.
  • There is sometimes a glitch that occurs when Silver has performed the Meteor Smash. By waiting until he uses the Psychic Knife the player must approach him to perform the Homing Attack. The Psychic Knife may glitch and stay on the screen as Sonic runs off. It may be noticeable at the Score Screen in the end of the level.
  • The Psychic Knife is also similar to one of Iblis' attacks in the final boss battle of Silver Episode in Sonic the Hedgehog.



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