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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Pseudo Sonic

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Pseudo Sonic".

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins outside Robotnik's fortress on a dark and stormy night.]

Dr. Robotnik: At last! An invention that will destroy that meddlesome hedgehog once and for all! [laughs evilly]

[Inside Robotnik's fortress, Pseudo Sonic, a robot that resembles Sonic, stands atop a rising platform.]

Robotnik: My Pseudo Sonic, a robotological breakthrough, which can duplicate Sonic stunts and Sonic speeds!

[Robotnik turns to Lawrence, a grey lab rat in a green sweater.]

Robotnik: And you, Lawrence, as my favorite lab rat, you get to drive it!

[Robotnik grabs Lawrence with his right hand and pulls him away. Pseudo Sonic's chest door is now open.]

Lawrence: Aaah! Drive it where?
Robotnik: Ha ha ha! Pseudo Sonic will scour all of Mobius, robbing, pillaging, plundering, doing evil like it's never been done before! And all the while, runing Sonic's reputation so he'll never be able to show his face again!

[Robotnik laughs evilly, then tries to push Lawrence into Pseudo Sonic, but Lawrence holds back.]

Lawrence: [screams] Please! I don't want to make Sonic look like a criminal!
Robotnik: What?!

[Robotnik grabs Lawrence, and smoke emits from his ears.]

Lawrence [heard offscreen]: You see, Dr. Robotnik, I shouldn't, I can't, I won't!

[Robotnik pulls Lawrence towards him.]

Robotnik: Oh! Oh, yes, you will!

[Robotnik walks towards a screen, revealing a prison that Lawrence's parents are in.]

Robotnik: Take a look in here!
Lawrence: Mom! Dad!

[Lawrence's Dad waves to Lawrence with his right hand, and Lawrence's Mom waves to him with her left hand.]

Lawrence: You're not gonna hurt them, are you?
Robotnik: I'm just going to give them an opportunity to test another little device I've been working on!

[Robotnik pulls a lever on the control panel next to the window with his left hand. The trap door in the prison opens, and a giant missile rises from it, pointing itself at Lawrence's Parents.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: My Surface-to-Sonic missile!

[Robotnik and Lawrence are now seen looking through the window again.]

Robotnik: Only this time, it's programmed to go after your Mom and Dad!

[Streams of tears emit from Lawrence's eyes.]

Lawrence: No! Mom! Dad!

[Lawrence's Dad waves to Lawrence with his right hand, and Lawrence's Mom waves to him with her left hand.]

Lawrence: Stop it! Please! I'll do anything!
Robotnik: Anything?
Lawrence: Yes.
Robotnik: Excellent. I knew you'd see it my way!

[Robotnik walks towards Pseudo Sonic.]

Robotnik: Now, where were we? Ah, yes!

[Robotnik puts Lawrence inside Pseudo Sonic. There is a seat, a control panel and a periscope inside Pseudo Sonic.]

Robotnik: I was welcoming you aboard your new high-tech vehicle.
Lawrence: But I don't even have a driver's license!

[Robotnik puts a helmet on Lawrence with his left hand.]

Lawrence: Ow!
Robotnik: Good! That means your criminal career has already started.

[Robotnik closes Pseudo Sonic's chest door with his left hand.]

Robotnik: Are you ready, Lawrence?
Lawrence [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: I guess so.
Robotnik: Aha!

[Robotnik backs up as Pseudo Sonic follows him.]

Robotnik: This is such a brilliant idea! I can't believe I didn't think of it before!

[Unknown to Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder are watching from the doors behind him. Specifically, Scratch is looking through the rightmost one and Grounder is looking through the leftmost one. They think Pseudo Sonic is the real Sonic and is trying to attack Robotnik.]

Scratch: Huh? It's the hedgehog! He's captured Dr. Robotnik!

[Scratch opens both doors with both his hands. The rightmost door pushes Robotnik away.]

Robotnik: D'oh!
Scratch: Bwahaha! Don't worry, your maliciousness! We'll save you!

[Grounder rolls in.]

Grounder: Yeah! No one's gonna hurt our Dr. Robotnik!

[Scratch and Grounder run towards Pseudo Sonic. Scratch runs over Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Oof!

[Grounder rolls under Robotnik.]

Robotnik: D'ouch!

[Inside Pseudo Sonic, Lawrence looks through the periscope. He lets go of it, causing it to rise back up. He then stares in shock.]

Lawrence: Oh, no! It's the S.S.S.S.S. Squad! I hope I can drive this thing!

[Lawrence pulls a lever with his left hand. Pseudo Sonic walks forward, and Scratch and Grounder screech to a halt.]

Grounder: I'll flatten him for you!

[Grounder turns his right drill into an anvil, and winds it up.]

Grounder: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[Grounder throws the anvil, which is tethered to his right arm. The Anvil flies toward Pseudo Sonic. Inside Pseudo Sonic, Lawrence looks through the periscope, then lets go of it, causing it to rise up. He then stares in shock.]

Lawrence: I'd better get out of here quick! Ugh!

[Lawrence pulls down two levers in front of him with both his hands. Pseudo Sonic walks away just in time to avoid getting hit by the anvil, which now retracts and hits Grounder on the head. Grounder now has stars spinning around his head.]

Grounder: Ugh! Mmmm.

[Grounder falls over.]

Scratch: Out of my way, pancake lips! I'll show you how to catch a hedgehog! I'll get him to stick around with this bubble gum bomb! Bwahaha!

[Scratch reaches behind his back with his right hand and pulls out a pink bomb. Inside Pseudo Sonic, Lawrence looks through the periscope and lets go of it, causing it to rise back up.]

Lawrence: Not if you don't have a target!

[Lawrence pulls one lever with his right hand, and another with his left. Pseudo Sonic runs behind Scratch, who positions himself to toss the bubble gum bomb.]

Scratch: You can't get away that easy!

[As Scratch turns around, Pseudo Sonic runs up to the control panel.]

Scratch: Bwhahahaha! No place to run, eh, hedgehog?

[Pseudo Sonic runs around Scratch clockwise.]

Scratch: Huh? Whoa-ho!

[Pseudo Sonic runs away.]

Scratch: Hey, hey! Hold still! This thing's gonna ex... plo-ho-hode!

[Sure enough, the bubble gum bomb explodes. Scratch is now covered in bubble gum, and Grounder, who still has the anvil on his head, rolls up to him.]

Grounder: What's the matter, lockjaw lips? Hedgehog got your tongue?

[Robotnik sits up and growls, with stars spinning around his head. He shakes his head, then stands up and walks angrily towards Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Stop, you metallic morons! You dim-witted droids! You can't even capture a fake Sonic!
Scratch: A fake?
Grounder: Uh, what's a fake?
Robotnik: You imbeciles! Grrr!

[Robotnik walks angrily up to Pseudo Sonic.]

Robotnik: An imitation! A replica!

[Robotnik slams his right hand on Pseudo Sonic's head.]

Robotnik: It's a phony, you brainless buffons!
Scratch: Huh? Oh-ho! Oops! Whoops!
Grounder: Uh, sorry!
Robotnik: Grrr! Get out of my sight! It's humiliating that I ever invented you!

[Scratch and Grounder run back out the doors.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Oh-ho-ho!
Grounder [heard offscreen]: [screams]
Scratch: I get the feeling he was pretty upset at us!
Grounder: Oh, you think so? He seemed in a better mood than normal to me.

[Scratch and Grounder walk away.]

Robotnik: Now, it's time to see if my Pseudo Sonic can fool the citizens of Mobius! Go, my Pseudo Sonic, go! Get out there and commit crimes that the real Sonic will be blamed for!

[Pseudo Sonic walks away, and Robotnik laughs evilly. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place outside the Mobius Museum. The Curator is talking to a Lady with a poodle.]

Curator: Yes, Ma'am, the museum is now displaying the priceless jewel crown of the first King of Mobius!

[Pseudo Sonic runs past the Curator and the Lady, ripping their clothes off, and leaving them in their underwear. He also rips the fur off the poodle.]

Lady: [screams]

[Pseudo Sonic runs into the museum, then runs back out, carrying the jewel crown. He then runs past the Curator and the Lady again, giving them each other's clothes. He also puts the fur back on the poodle.]

Curator and Lady: Huh?
Curator: [screams]

[In the next scene, on a Television screen, a newscaster is seen holding a piece of paper. A picture of the jewel crown can be seen in the upper right corner.]

Newscaster: This unbelievable news just in! Sonic the Hedgehog has robbed Mobius' most famous museum!

[In the next scene, a Weasel can be seen driving an armored money van, complete with the word, LOADED on its license plate. He suddenly gasps and stares in shock.]

Weasel: [screams]

[Pseudo Sonic is standing in the middle of the road, dressed as a crossing guard, and holding a STOP sign in his right hand. The Weasel stops the armored money van, and Pseudo Sonic runs around it. The Weasel looks around, then Pseudo Sonic signals him to go.]

Weasel: [screams]

[The Weasel drives the armored money van away. Pseudo Sonic hides the STOP sign and pulls out two bags of money, one in each hand. He then spins away. In the next scene, the newscaster is on TV, with everything in the news studio the same way it was before.]

Newscaster: I still can't believe it, but Sonic is a one-hedgehog major crime spree!

[A black, white, and blue picture of Sonic is seen crossed out.]

Newscaster: No person on Mobius is safe from this hazardous hedgehog! Who knows what the fiend will do next?

[The next scene takes place at night. Pseudo Sonic walks up to the front door of a house. He opens the door with his right hand. Inside the house, the Rabbit Gardener from "Lovesick Sonic" is seen sleeping in his bed. Pseudo Sonic walks up to the lamp on the nightstand and pulls out the light bulb with his left hand. He hides it behind his back, then with the same hand, he pulls out a grenade and puts it in the lamp. He then walks up to the other end of the bed, and grabs the Rabbit Gardener's tail with his left hand. He pulls out a paddle with his right hand, which he uses to spank the Rabbit Gardener's butt with.]

Rabbit Gardener: Ow!

[Pseudo Sonic runs away. The Rabbit Gardener looks back at him.]

Rabbit Gardener: Huh?

[The Rabbit Gardener pulls the string to his lamp with his right hand, activating the grenade, which explodes in his face.]

Rabbit Gardener: Oh-ho!

[In the next scene, an Elderly Lady who is holding a cane in her right hand, is waiting at a street corner, when Pseudo Sonic walks up to her. He holds out his right arm.]

Elderly Lady: Oh-ho-ho! What a gentleman!

[The Elderly Lady puts her left arm around Pseudo Sonic's right arm. The two walk off together, when a bus suddenly drives past, running the Elderly Lady over.]

Elderly Lady: Ow!

[The Elderly Lady is now flattened. Pseudo Sonic looks down at her, then runs away. In the next scene, at the park, A Mother is sitting on a park bench. Next to her is her infant son in a baby carriage. The Mother hums, then pulls out a lollipop with her right hand and unwraps it with her left. She gives the lollipop to her son, who now holds it in his right hand.]

Baby: Goo-gaa-goo! Goo goo! Goo goo! Goo goo! Ha ha ha ha!

[Pseudo Sonic runs past the Mother and her son, literally taking candy from a baby by stealing the baby's lollipop. The mother gasps, and her son cries, with streams of tears flowing from his eyes.]

Baby: Waaah! Waaah! Waaah!

[In the next scene, a Dog is sleeping in his doghouse. His owner whistles, then tosses a bone at him. The Dog awakens, then picks up the bone with both his hands.]

Dog: Arf? Arf arf woof woof woof!

[As the Dog tries to put the bone in his mouth, Pseudo Sonic runs past the Dog, replacing his bone with a bubble gum bomb, similar to the one Scratch used earlier. The Dog looks at it in confusion.]

Dog: Awoo?

[The bubble gum bomb explodes, covering the Dog in bubble gum. The Dog cries, with streams of tears flowing from his eyes.]

Dog: Awoo!

[In the next scene, the Newscaster is once again shown on television, holding a stack of papers in both her hands. In the upper right corner of the screen, there are two black, white, and blue mugshots of Sonic holding a sign that says, 19524.]

Newscaster: Ladies and Gentlemen, Sonic is in the park.

[The newscaster tosses one of the papers with her left hand.]

Newscaster: No, he's in the stadium!

[The Newscaster tosses another piece of paper with her right hand.]

Newscaster: No, well, he's at the beach!

[The Newscaster tosses all the pieces of paper aside with both her hands.]

Newscaster: He's everywhere! And he's pulling pranks, stealing things, and creating... mischief!

[Pseudo Sonic walks into the studio, holding a cream pie in his left hand.]

Newscaster: Why he's... Oh! He's here! Oh!

[Pseudo Sonic splats the pie in the Newscaster's face, then runs away. The real Sonic and Tails are standing outside a TV store, watching the newcast.]

Tails: How did you do that? You've been standing next to me all this time!
Sonic: That wasn't me! But who else could be that fast?

[The Elderly Lady, who is now holding the cane in her left hand, walks up to Sonic. She gasps when she sees him, thinking he's Pseudo Sonic. She then pulls out a whistle with her right hand and whistles with it.]

Elderly Lady: Help! Police!
Sonic: What is it, Ma'am? Can I give you a Supersonic hand?

[The Elderly Lady pokes Sonic's chest with her cane.]

Elderly Lady: You horrible, anti-social teenage punk! Help! Police! He's over here!

[The Elderly Lady whistles, then hits Sonic on the head with her cane.]

Elderly Lady: You young whippersnapper, you!
Sonic: Yeow! I'm up, over, and gone!

[Sonic runs away, with Tails flying behind him. The Elderly Lady waves her cane at Sonic in anger.]

Elderly Lady: And don't show your face around here again, you... juvenile delinquent!

[Sonic turns around a street corner, then screeches to a halt.]

Sonic: Brakes!

[Tails flies up to Sonic and lands near him.]

Tails: Boy! All this crime stuff has really gotten you into some big trouble! What are you gonna do?

[Before Sonic can answer, Pseudo Sonic runs up to him and ties him up in a rope, which he is holding in his right hand.]

Sonic: Whoa! Hey, cut that out!

[Inside Pseudo Sonic, Lawrence looks through the periscope. He then lets go of it, causing it to rise up.]

Lawrence: [screams] It's the real Sonic!

[Pseudo Sonic lets go of the rope, causing it to fall and set Sonic free. Pseudo Sonic then runs away, leaving a trail of fire.]

Sonic: You call that fast? I'm gonna put a stop to this fake me once and for all!

[Sonic spins and runs after Pseudo Sonic, creating a trail of fire of his own.]

Sonic: Back in the bat of an eye, little guy!

[Sonic runs after Pseudo Sonic through the desert. They both create trails of fire. When Sonic catches up to Pseudo Sonic, he taps him on the right shoulder with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Ahem!

[Pseudo Sonic looks back at Sonic.]

Lawrence [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: [screams]

[Pseudo Sonic runs away, and Sonic runs after him. They both run up a mountain. In the next scene, Sonic is dressed as a policeman.]

Sonic: All right, you imposter! Pull over now!
Lawrence [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: I... can't! It's too late!
Sonic: What do you mean?

[Pseudo Sonic points to a sign with his right index finger. The sign says, POISON FLOWER VALLEY!, and has a picture of a skull and crossbones on it. Pseudo Sonic and Sonic both try to screech to a halt, but they fall off the edge of the mountain.]

Lawrence [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: [screams]
Sonic: [screams] Whoa!

[The screen fades to black. The next scene takes place where the previous one left off, as Sonic and Pseudo Sonic are still falling.]

Lawrence [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: [screams]
Sonic: Whoa! [screams]

[Pseudo Sonic and Sonic land in Poison Flower Valley.]

Sonic: Ooof! Okay, you phony!

[Sonic gets up and picks up Pseudo Sonic by the shoulders with both his hands. He then sets him down.]

Sonic: I want to know who you are and why you're running around impersonating me!
Lawrence [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: No! Please, wait! It wasn't my idea!

[Lawrence opens Pseudo Sonic's chest door with his right hand and jumps out of Pseudo Sonic.]

Lawrence: Dr. Robotnik made me do it! He said he would hurt my Mom and Dad if I didn't commit those crimes!

[Lawrencs is now begging to Sonic on his knees.]

Lawrence: Please! Oh, please! I'm sorry!

[Lawrence cries, until Sonic pats him on the head with his left hand.]

Sonic: That's okay, little buddy, I won't hurt you!
Lawrence: You won't?
Sonic: Nah. I just want to get even with Robotnik!

[Sonic and Lawrence begin scratching themselves.]

Sonic: That's funny. I'm kinda itchy!
Lawrence: Yeah, me too. Real itchy!
Sonic: In fact, this is the itchiest I've ever been in my entire life!
Lawrence: Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that we're in Poison Flower Valley?
Sonic: Poison Flower Valley?! We gotta get out of here, or we'll itch forever!
Lawrence: Oh oh! Oh!
Sonic: And we'll puff up like balloons!

[Sonic and Lawrence swell up immensely, and Sonic loses his policeman disguise in the process. Sonic gasps.]

Lawrence: Uh uh!

[Sonic and Lawrence walk away.]

Sonic: Oh, I itch! I itch! I itch! Oh, this is gonna be a long walk home!

[The next scene takes place outside a tent, which Pseudo Sonic is parked near.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Higher, higher, higher! Oh, lower, lower, lower, lower! Higher, higher, higher! Lower!
Lawrence [heard offscreen]: Me next! Me next!

[Inside the tent, Sonic and Lawrence are both rested on beds. Tails is scratching Sonic with a stick, which he is holding in both his hands.]

Sonic: Higher! Oh, that's it! Right there!
Lawrence: Me too! Me too! Come on!

[Tails scratches Lawrence with the stick.]

Lawrence: Oh! Oh, that's better. But am I ever gonna stop itching?
Tails: Man, you guys have the worst case of Poison Flower Hives I've ever seen. You should see yourself, Sonic! You've swollen up like you've eaten four thousand chili dogs!

[Sonic sits up.]

Sonic: Ugh! [wearily] The important thing is that we go save this little guy's parents from Robotnik.
Tails: Uh, I think you better rest first.

[Sonic gets out of bed.]

Sonic [wearily]: Oh, oh. I can handle it.

[Sonic tries running, but due to how swollen up he is, he doesn't go very fast. He then starts panting heavily.]

Sonic [wearily]: After I take a little nap, maybe.

[Sonic collapses back into bed. Tails moves out of the way just in time to avoid getting hit.]

Tails: [screams]
Sonic: Ooof!

[In the next scene, Sonic and Lawrence have both fallen asleep. As Lawrence snores, Tails puts a yellow blanket over Sonic.]

Tails: Aw, nuts! He's liable to be out for a day or two! A day or two? That might be too late for Lawrence's Mom and Dad! But maybe, there's a way that Sonic could save the day, and save his reputation, too!

[Tails tiptoes out of the tent so as not to wake Sonic up. He then reaches Pseudo Sonic.]

Tails: I'll be over there, and back before he even knows it!

[Tails opens Pseudo Sonic's chest door with his right hand. He then goes inside Pseudo Sonic, and closes the chest door with the same hand. He then buckles himself in, as he is now sitting in the seat.]

Tails: This is totally radical! I finally get to be my all-time hero! I wonder how you work this thing.

[Tails pulls a lever with his left hand, and Pseudo Sonic walks forward.]

Tails: That's forward. I wonder what happens when I push it all the way.

[Tails pushes the lever forward all the way with his left hand, and Pseudo Sonic runs away really fast.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: Whoa!

[Pseudo Sonic crashes from offscreen.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: Ugh!

[Pseudo Sonic is revealed to have crashed into a tree. Tails then backs Pseudo Sonic up.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: I think I'll go a little slower until I get the hang of this. [inside Pseudo Sonic] This must be reverse.

[Tails pulls the lever backwards with his left hand, and Pseudo Sonic starts spinning like Taz the Tasmanian Devil of Looney Tunes fame.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: [screams]

[Pseudo Sonic stops spinning.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic: Okay, a slight problem. Ready or not, Robotnik, here I come!

[Pseudo Sonic starts running towards Robotnik's Fortress.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: I'm hitting my speed, keed!

[Pseudo Sonic continues running. In the next scene, Tails is getting closer to Robotnik's Fortress.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: I'm faster than anything!

[Tails opens Pseudo Sonic's chest door with his right hand.]

Tails: Whoa! This is way too fast! I don't know how Sonic does it.

[As Tails gets closer to Robotnik's fortress, he stares in shock.]

Tails: [screams]

[Tails closes Pseudo Sonic's chest door with his right hand, then Pseudo Sonic starts screeching to a halt.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic: I don't know if I can do this!

[Pseudo Sonic finally halts, then jumps out of the screech trail. He then sees that he is directly outside Robotnik's fortress. Inside Pseudo Sonic, Tails looks through the periscope.]

Tails: This place gives me the creeps!

[Tails gasps, then pulls the periscope back up.]

Tails: Of course, that might be, because nothing but creeps live here. The real Sonic wouldn't stand around being scared, he'd charge right in and warp some butt!

[Tails pulls a lever forward with his right hand, and Pseudo Sonic runs through the front doors, leaving a Pseudo Sonic-shaped hole in them. Back at the tent, Sonic has woken up, only to find Tails missing.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Tails! Tails! Where are you, keed?

[Sonic walks out of the tent, still looking as swollen-up as before.]

Sonic: Answer me, little bro!

[Sonic looks around, and sees that Pseudo Sonic is also missing.]

Sonic: Uh-oh! That fake me is gone. I bet I know who took it! There's just no keeping that little fox out of trouble!

[Back at Robotnik's fortress, Pseudo Sonic is walking through the halls.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: Lawrence's Parents gotta be around here somewhere.

[Inside Pseudo Sonic, Tails looks through the periscope.]

Tails: Maybe through that door!

[Pseudo Sonic slides through the doors, leaving a Pseudo-Sonic shaped hole in them. He then walks up to the window of the prison where Lawrence's parents are.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: That must be them!

[Pseudo Sonic knocks on the window with his left hand. Lawrence's Dad waves back with his right hand, and Lawrence's Mom waves back with her left hand. Pseudo Sonic walks backwards.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: I'll have them out of there in a second!

[The sound of a lever being pulled can be heard, and a cage falls on Pseudo Sonic.]

Tails [heard inside Pseudo Sonic]: Whaa!
Scratch and Grounder [heard offscreen]: We got him! We got him!

[Scratch and Grounder are revealed to be standing next to a lever.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik! I caught him!
Grounder: Hey! It was the way I pulled the lever that did it!

[Robotnik pushes the doors open with both his hands and runs in.]

Robotnik: I'll decide who gets the credit here! Ha ha ha! I do!

[Robotnik walks up to the cage.]

Robotnik: Oh, I've waited for this precious moment for a long time! Sonic is mine!

[Robotnik stares in shock when he realizes that Scratch and Grounder have actually caught Pseudo Sonic.]

Robotnik: [screams] Grrrr! This isn't the real Sonic! You metal mess-ups! It's the Pseudo Sonic!

[Tails opens Pseudo Sonic's chest door with his right hand.]

Tails: Sorry I can't stay, Doc, but I gotta fly!

[Tails flies out of Pseudo Sonic and the cage.]

Robotnik: Tails! What?
Scratch and Grounder: Get him!

[Scratch and Grounder try to catch Tails, but only end up hitting themselves.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!
Grounder: Ow-how!
Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Let him go!

[Tails flies out the doors.]

Robotnik: If that furball fox is around, that hateful hedgehog must not be far behind! He must be here to save Lawrence's parents, and I've got just the plan to lure him out!

[In the next scene, Tails lands on the roof of Robotnik's fortress.]

Tails: Boy, that was close. I was almost in big-time trouble!

[Sonic pokes out from behind the chimney and walks up to Tails.]

Tails: Sonic! What are you doing here? You look terrible!
Sonic: I was worried, little bro! It takes more than being puffed up like a blueberry muffin to keep me away!
Tails: But what do we do now? Robotnik saw me, and he still has Lawrence's parents!
Sonic: Aw, he probably has some feather-brained plan to trap me! We'll wait until he sets it up, and then make it backfire!

[Sonic reaches behind his back with his left hand and pulls out a crowbar, which he hands to Tails.]

Sonic: But that's later! Right now, I need you to scratch my back!

[Sonic turns around. Tails, who is now holding the crowbar in his right hand, uses it to scratch Sonic's back. Below them, Robotnik is looking out the window, and laughing evilly.]

Robotnik: It's an extraordinarily brilliant trap!

[Robotnik pulls out a pair of binoculars with his left hand and looks through them.]

Robotnik: It's only a matter of time before Sonic tries to rescue those two insignificant lab rodents!

[As Robotnik is talking, the view through his binoculars is shown. Lawrence's Parents are seen tied to a pole, and Scratch and Grounder are standing next to the Surface-to-Sonic Missile.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: And when he does, my S.S.S.S.S. Squad down there will fire my Surface-to-Sonic missile, programmed with Sonic's image, to seek out and destroy him!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. Unknown to him, Sonic and Tails are standing just above him on the roof. Tails is even holding a bucket of ice water in both his hands, which he is struggling to keep up.]

Sonic: So that's his plan! I think we can help him carry that out!
Tails: Can I distract him now? This bucket's getting heavy!
Sonic: Do it! Maybe the ice water will take the fun out of his day! And then, go get that phony me, and I'll meet you at the window!

[Sonic runs away.]

Tails: My pleasure!

[Tails dumps the bucket of water on Robotnik, causing him to jump out the window.]

Robotnik: D'ow! [screams]

[Robotnik holds onto the windowsill with his left hand, and is now hanging from it by his left arm. He looks up and sees Tails, who looks down at him.]

Robotnik: You! Why, you!
Tails: Sorry I can't hang out with you, but I've got more work to do!

[Tails flies through the window.]

Robotnik: [screams]

[At the Surface-to-Sonic Missile, Sonic, disguised as a general, runs up to Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Congratulations!
Scratch and Grounder: Huh?
Sonic: You've been selected as Mobius Air Force's new test pilots?
Scratch: Us? Really?
Grounder: Do we get uniforms?
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Later.

[Sonic can now be seen atop the missile, attaching seats to it.]

Sonic: Right now, Dr. Robotnik has authorized me to convert this missile to a manned aircraft for an emergency test flight!
Scratch [heard offscreen]: He has?
Grounder [heard offscreen]: That's great!

[Sonic jumps down.]

Sonic: Hurry up, hop aboard!

[Scratch and Grounder jump up. Grounder in now sitting in the frontmost seat and Scratch is now sitting in the rearmost seat.]

Scratch: Wait a minute! Won't the missile explode when it hits Sonic?
Sonic: And you'll have front-row seats to see it!
Scratch: Front row?
Grounder: Do we have time to go by popcorn?

[Sonic is now holding the remote for the Surface-to-Sonic missile in his left hand.]

Sonic: Nope! Here's the button. Fire when you see Sonic!

[Sonic tosses the remote and runs away. Scratch catches the button in both his hands.]

Robotnik: Scratch! Grounder! Get me out of here!

[Sonic walks up to the window and looks down at Robotnik.]

Sonic: They'll have you down in a jiffy, Eggbelly!
Robotnik: [screams] Eggbelly? Oh, no-ho! Don't tell me!

[Pseudo Sonic walks up to the window. Sonic salutes him with his right hand, and Tails opens Pseudo Sonic's chest door with his left hand.]

Tails: Mission accomplished, General!

[Tails gets out of Pseudo Sonic and pushes him to the window with both his hands.]

Tails: Come on, let's go, schmo!

[Tails and Sonic run away. Outside Robotnik's fortress, Scratch sees Pseudo Sonic at the window, thinking he's the real Sonic.]

Scratch: There's the hedgehog! Fire!

[Grounder, who is now holding the remote in his right hand, presses the button with his left index finger. The Surface-to-Sonic Missile fires.]

Grounder: Whoa!
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!

[Robotnik stares in shock, and holds out his right hand like a stop sign.]

Robotnik: [screams]

[Scratch and Grounder fly towards Pseudo Sonic on the Surface-to-Sonic Missile.]

Grounder: Yahoo!
Scratch: Ya-hoo-hoo!

[The Surface-to-Sonic Missile hits Pseudo Sonic, destroying him. Meanwhile, Tails pulls on the rope that Lawrence's Parents are tied up in, untying it.]

Lawrence's Mom and Dad: Thanks!
Sonic and Tails: Come on, let's go!

[Sonic, Tails, and Lawrence's Mom and Dad run down the hill, away from Robotnik's fortess, which is now on fire.]

Lawrence's Mom: Yahoo! Yippie!
Lawrence's Dad: Yeah! All right! Look at that go!

[The next scene takes place outside the Mobius hospital.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: What a disaster! My Pseudo Sonic destroyed, the real Sonic's name has been cleared,

[Inside the hospital, Robotnik is lying in a bed, with both his legs in casts. Scratch and Grounder are standing next to him.]

Robotnik: And all of my lab rats have escaped!
Grounder: Cheer up! You still got us!

[The force of Robotnik's scream causes the entire screen to rumble.]

Robotnik: [screams] I hate that hedgehog!

[The force of Robotnik's scream causes the H on the rightmost side of the hospital to fall over. The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[In the backyard, Sonic (who is no longer swollen up) is resting on his stomach on a table as Tails scratches his back (which has a rash on it) with a stick, which he is holding in his right hand.]

Tails: Man! You have the worst case of Poison Flower hives I've ever seen! It's as bad as Poison Ivy!
Sonic: Forget the stick, Tails! Go to the drugstore and ask the Pharmacist for something to stop the itching!

[As Tails runs away, Sonic turns his attention to and talks to the viewers.]

Sonic: Listen, pals. There may not be any poison flowers on Earth, but there's a lot of poison ivy!

[A view of a patch of Poison Ivy is shown.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: This is what it looks like. [onscreen] The best thing thing to do is stay away from it, but if you touch it and start itching, get help fast!