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Pseudo Sonic

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"Pseudo Sonic" is the twenty-second episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite being produced as the twenty-second episode, it aired as the fifth episode during the show's original run.




Sonic costumes

  • Policeman
  • General


Doctor Robotnik builds Pseudo Sonic, a mechanical lookalike of his real counterpart in order to spoil the famous hedgehog's image and get Sonic in jail. The robot is piloted by a lab rat named Lawrence who is forced to commit crimes to save his parents. Pseudo-Sonic quickly manages to ruin Sonic's good reputation while the real Sonic is standing in the same spot watching TV. When racing against each other, Sonic and Lawrence accidentally fall in a patch of poison flowers in Poison Flower Valley and really get itchy and soon swell up. Tails helps them get out of the patch and takes Sonic and Lawrence to the hospital, and Sonic falls asleep. Tails decides that Sonic being out of commission for 'a day or two' is too late for Lawrence's parents and sets out to save them. Tails uses the robot to bother Robotnik on the way. Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder believe that Pseudo-Sonic is the real Sonic, but Robotnik manages to set them straight. Meanwhile Sonic knows that Tails has gone and gets out of bed. Tails sees Sonic and Sonic tells Tails his plan! However, Sonic and Tails get Lawrence's parents out of Robotnik's laboratory, and Pseudo-Sonic is destroyed, with Robotnik thus ending up in the Mobius General Hospital and Sonic's name cleared. Grounder tells Robotnik that at least he still has them. Robotnik responds by beating Scratch and Grounder up. The episode ends with Robotnik screaming, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" One of the "H"s then falls into the hospital.

Sonic Sez

Sonic warns kids to stay away from poison ivy and to get help fast if they happen to touch it and start itching.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 偽のソニックちゃん Fake Sonic


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