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Quotation1 Ready the Prototype. With this kind of power, my machines will finally reach their full potential. Quotation2
Dr. Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog

The Prototype is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film. It is an experimental aerial assault vehicle developed by Doctor Robotnik.



The Prototype is similar in appearance to a military jet. It has an egg-shaped cockpit for a single passenger, but instead of wings, it has a hover ring on both sides which enable the vehicle to fly. It also has a rocket engine in the back for locomotion. The prototype has a black and white color scheme with red highlights, as well as black/yellow striped caution strips on the sides.

Features and abilities

The Prototype is equipped with a remote interface through which Robotnik can control his drones. The vehicle's paneling can lift up to launch a massive volley of seeking missiles, and it is also equipped with an extremely powerful energy cannon.

The Prototype is powered by one of Sonic's quills, allowing it to achieve supersonic speed.


Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.

Upon discovering that Sonic the Hedgehog's quill has an unlimited supply of energy, Dr. Robotnik used it to power the Prototype.

Later, accompanied by a fleet of drones, he confronted Sonic, Tom, and Maddie on the roof of the Transamerican Pyramid in San Francisco. To save his friends, Sonic pushed Tom and Maddie off the roof, and casually destroyed Robotnik's robots. However, Robotnik tapped into the quill's energy with the Prototype and gained supersonic speed, disrupting Sonic's rescue plan. After teleporting the Wachowskis to safety, Sonic leads Robotnik away in a chase around the world using his Rings. Realizing that he cannot outrun Robotnik, Sonic attempts to lose him in Egypt by creating a cyclone of sand as a smokescreen, then teleport to safety with a Ring. Robotnik spotted Sonic running up the pyramid nonetheless, and gives chase. Just as Sonic jumped through the Ring into Green Hills, Robotnik managed to hit Sonic with an energy blast, critically injuring him.

Robotnik followed Sonic through the Ring into Green Hills, gloating of his victory. Tom soon used a Ring to get onto the Prototype and surprise the mad doctor. The two began a fistfight, until Robotnik managed to reach the controls and threw Tom off the vehicle. While Robotnik prepared to kill Tom and Maddie, Sonic seemingly succumbed to his wounds. Unfazed, Robotnik attempted to leave with the hedgehog's body, but is confronted by the residents of Green Hill. Tom called Robotnik out for his heartlessness, calling Sonic his friend. Hearing this, Sonic's emotions caused his powers to peak, revitalizing him.

Sonic attempted to reclaim his stolen power in the quill, but Robotnik retaliated by launching a volley of seeker missiles. Dodging all of them, Sonic proceeded to batter the Prototype with a barrage of spin attacks from every direction, severely damaging it. Sonic and Tom then banish Robotnik to the Mushroom Planet with a Ring, with the hedgehog destroying the Prototype in the process.

Much later, a crazed Robotnik salvages some parts of the Prototype for usable parts, along with Sonic's energized quill.

Game appearances


Prototype in Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash

The Prototype appears in Sonic Dash in a promotional event for the film, during the boss fight with Dr. Robotnik.


  • In the first trailer for the movie, when Robotnik chases Sonic across Egypt, the energy trail and energy blasts are blue, but in all subsequent trailers and the final film, they are red. The reason for this is unknown.

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