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Prosecutors are a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are the enforcers and representatives of the Drakon Empire.


Prosecutors are so named because the Drakon Empire practices trial by combat: those accused of crimes against the Drakon Empire are forced to fight a Prosecutor in the Arena of Judgement. The citizens of the Drakon Empire consider this to be a perfectly fair system, honestly believing that those who win are innocent, and those who lose are guilty.

In addition to these duties, Prosecutors are used to perform reconnaissance work. One Prosecutor travelled to from the Drakon dimension to Mobius to determine who had discovered the secrets of the Mobius Ring, and to bring the culprit back for interrogation.[1]

Prosecutors are generally Drakons, fitted out with powerful weapons and armour, although in exceptional circumstances other beings may also be appointed as Prosecutors. Traditional Prosecutor weapons include a type of high-tech staff that is able to alter the gravitational field in an area,[1] called Drakon Swords,[2] and as well as a weapon built into its gauntlets that emits electric shocks.[1]

Prosecutors wear armour in many different colours, including green,[1] purple,[3] and red,[4] or even multi-coloured (one Prosecutor wore white body-armour with red helmet, boots and gauntlets).[5]


When Doctor Robotnik discovered how to use the Mobius Ring on Flickies' Island, this was detected by the Drakon Empire, who had left the Ring behind centuries earlier to determine when the Mobians developed to a point where they could threaten the Empire. A (green-armoured) Drakon Prosecutor was dispatched to Mobius to find out who had activated the Ring. With its advanced technology it easily subdued Sonic, Tails and Robotnik by increasing the gravitational field in the room, forcing them to the floor.

When Sonic revealed that Robotnik had been the one experimenting on the Ring, the Drakon apprehended Robotnik and tried to take him back for questioning. With the gravitational field back to normal, Sonic tried to prevent this, feeling that Robotnik was a Mobian criminal and should be tried by Mobians. Sonic hit the Prosecutor in the back with a Spin Attack, taking the alien Prosecutor by surprise with his amazing speed. The attack damaged the Prosecutor's armour and severely depleted its power reserves, but it managed to electrocute Sonic with a weapon hidden in its gauntlets and escape with Robotnik through the Mobius Ring, which promptly lost all power (thus preventing Sonic from following).[1]

Later, when Sonic was arrested by the Drakon Empire, it was a (red-armoured) Drakon Prosecutor that led Sonic to the Arena of Judgement. However, the Prosecutor in Sonic's trial was not a Drakon, but rather the Knuckles Metallix, who had been appointed temporary Prosecutor.[4] When Sonic escaped the Arena and destroyed the Metallix with the help of Tails, another (purple-armoured) Drakon Prosecutor approached them. Sonic attacked, believing that the Prosecutor was trying to re-capture them, and destroyed the Prosecutor's armour, revealing that Drakons were in fact small fish in robot bodies. It was then revealed that, because Sonic had won his trial by combat, he was declared innocent and free to go. A (green-armoured) Drakon Prosecutor took Sonic and Tails back to Mobius via a Mobius Ring.[3]

A different Prosecutor led a squad of Sentinels to the Emerald Hill Zone with instructions to capture Sonic alive for Emperor Ko-Dorr. However, Sonic was able to use his intimate knowledge of the Zone to handily destroy all of the Sentinels. The Prosecutor then summoned a gigantic Master Sentinel,[5] but Sonic managed to destroy this as well by getting inside its armour and ripping out its mechanisms. This Prosecutor managed to escape.[6]

Two more Prosecutors (a purple and blue) invaded the Floating Island in search of the Chaos Emeralds, along with Grimer who was working for the Drakons and wore a green suit of Prosecutor armour. The blue Prosecutor lead a contingent of Sentinels against the Island's Guardian Robots, while Grimer led the purple Prosecutor to the Emerald Chamber.[7] However, once Grimer had secured the Emeralds, he betrayed his Drakon allies, teleporting them away with a modified Drakon Sword.[2]


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