The Propeller[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a variation of the Pole that can be used to fly with and is the mechanical counterpart of Flower.


Like its name implies, the Propeller is a device with a three-bladed helicopter rotor on a pole, with each blade having a sharp plating on the outer edge. On the bottom it has a triangular recess which is attached to a lower pole on the ground.

In gameplay, the Propeller lets the player travel to otherwise unreachable locations. When capable of rotating, the playable character can grab onto the Propeller and let it carry them automatically through the air like a hang glider, though the player cannot control where it goes while riding it. Once at the destination, the playable character will release it.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, the Propeller is found exclusively in Egg Fleet. To use it in gameplay, the player has to use the Speed Type character's Tornado Jump (or Homing Attack or Rocket Accel should the player have collected three blue Power Cores) on the Propeller to make its blades rotate and allowing the player to ride it. While riding it, the player can move up and down within a certain area to avoid obstacles or collect Rings and Item Boxes during the flight.

Sonic Generations

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In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, the Propeller is found exclusively in Mushroom Hill. In this game, the player can ride it instantly by touching it. However, the Propeller will not navigate the player across a long distance if they do not charge into it by running at it at high speed or by using the Boost. Furthermore, after Sonic grabs onto it, the player will need to tilt the control stick in the direction they want to go to, or the Propeller will descend down vertically.

After using it for some time, the Propeller will begin to lose its speed and descend slightly. When this happens, should Sonic touch the ground, he will get off of the Propeller. Alternatively, the player can make Sonic get off of it manually by pressing WiiDSA.


  • In Sonic Heroes, it is possible to make other characters beside the Speed Type hang onto the Propeller by changing the team formation before touching the Propeller.


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