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Sonic X
Project: Shadow (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Project: Shadow".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, the Chaos creature devoured the seventh Chaos Emerald, and transformed into a mammoth monster. A tidal wave of fear flooded Station Square as the city became a watery wreck. A horde or helicopters couldn't topple the towering terror, and even Eggman was sent scrambling by the belligerent behemoth. But with the help of his friends and the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic socked it to him. Will Station Square recover from the disastrous deluge? Or is the city all washed up? Find out next on Sonic X!

[The opening theme plays.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Sonic races up to the top of a skyscraper as a massive cleanup effort is underway. Various debris is removed by front loaders as three people attempt to right a car.]
Construction Worker: Okay!
[Sonic jumps down from the building and runs through the city. He stops when he hears the sound of someone crying. The noise is coming from within one of the wrecked buildings.]
Sonic: In there...

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[Various furniture items are being loaded onto a flatbed truck as Lindsey hoses down a mirror. Two men are moving Lindsey's dresser towards the truck.]
Men: (Okay, that's better. Right here.)
Lindsey: Oh, dear! All my lovely furniture, ruined!

[Scene Change: Chris' school]

[A large helicopter has landed in the yard, where Mr. Stewart and his students are. Mr. Stewart shield his face from the spinning rotors' wind.]
Mr. Stewart: Okay, class, ready to carry the rescue supplies to the cafeteria?
Students: Yeah!
[The helicopter's door opens, revealing Nelson Thorndyke.]
Nelson: Chris!
[The students run over.]
Chris: Dad! What are you doing here?
Nelson: I thought I'd drop in and see how you were doing.
Chris: ...I'm fine.
[Soon, the kids are packing and stacking boxes. Frances wipes her brow. Other people are present.]
People: (I can't believe it's all gone now...)
Frances: These boxes are heavy. ... Hoo, I need to take a break.
Danny: That's okay. Why don't you go play and let me and Chris finish the unloading?
[Frances is not impressed.]
Frances: I can lift as much as you.
Mother: [Off-screen] Our son is lost.
[Chris, Danny, and Frances turn to see a mother and father talking with a police officer.]
Mother: Did the search parties find a little boy?
Police Officer: No, ma'am.
[The mother begins crying until Sonic arrives holding a small boy.]
Sonic: This your kid?
Child: Ma!
[The mother scoops the child up and hugs him.]
Mother: Jim! You're safe!
Father: Sonic, thanks a lot.
Mother: You're wonderful.
[Sonic makes an "It was nothing" gesture as Chris and his friends smile.]

[Scene Change: The White House]

[The President is busy signing bills. Christina Cooper is at his side.]
President: [To himself] When I ran for this job, I thought I'd be tackling the world's problems head-on. Instead, I'm the most powerful paper-pusher in the world.
[A TV shows Sonic defeating Perfect Chaos.]
President: [To himself] I wish just once I could do something heroic, like Sonic.
[He finishes signing the bill with the name Michael R. Christina gives him a new bill.]
Christina: Here's the bill declaring Station Square to be a disaster area.
President: Oh well. I suppose somebody has to sign this stuff.
[He signs the bill and receives a new one.]
Christina: And this is executive order 1137-8.
President: You'll have to refresh my memory. [He sighs]
Christina: A new series of robots will be built, which will be specially designed to combat Dr. Eggman.
President: Uh... Good idea.
[He signs the bill.]
President: Am I done now?
Christina: One last thing.
[Yet another bill is handed to him.]
President: What's this?
[A picture of Sam Speed is on the bill.]
Christina: A security clearance. We just hired your new driver, and he starts today. He's called Sam Speed. Apparently he lives up to his name.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[The Thorndykes are ready to leave. Danny, Frances, Helen, Amy, Tails, and Cream stand by. Chris hugs his mother goodbye.]
Lindsey: I'll miss you, darling.
Chris: Me too, Mom.
Cream: This is it... Goodbye...
[She begins to cry. Amy and Tails glance at each other.]
Chuck: What's the big deal?
Nelson: Yeah. I promise you'll all be seeing each other again in a month or two, just as soon as we have everything cleaned up with the house.
Danny: [To Chris] Don't forget to send me a postcard.
Frances: [To Chris] Me too, Chris, 'K?
Chris: I will.
Helen: I wish you could stay, Chris. Things won't be the same without you or Mr. Stewart around.

[Scene Change: The desert]

[Mr. Stewart follows the moving truck out of the city.]
Mr. Stewart: Just when I was hitting it off with my class...

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

Chris: Isn't Sonic gonna come say goodbye?
Amy: Sonic had to run, but he did say to tell me he'd see you later, Chris.
Chris: Oh...
Tails: Don't you worry, Chris. When your feeling lonely, just call us, and we'll all hop in the X-Tornado and fly over to see you. And Sonic can run there for a visit in no time at all!
Chris: I'll still miss you guys.
Amy: [Arms crossed] Don't worry. Two months isn't all that long, and time passes a lot quicker when you first move to a new place.
Chris: I guess so...
[Soon Chris, Ella, Cream, Tanaka, and Chuck depart in a camper. The others wave goodbye.]
Danny, Frances, Helen, Tails and Amy: Bye, Chris!
Chris: Bye, guys! See ya!
[It is evident that everyone traveling is sad about the move, especially Cream and Tanaka.]

[Scene Change: Area 99]

[Scientists are developing more robot varieties.]
Scientist 1: With these robots, we can defeat Dr. Eggman once and for all.
Scientist 2: Yes, our designs are technically superior to his in every way.
[Unknown to them, a spy robot has just recorded their conversation.]

[Scene Change]

Dr. Eggman: That's an impossibility. If their robots were better, that'd make them smarter than me.
Decoe: It does looks like they've made progress, Doctor.
Bocoe: If it is true, we will be in big trouble.
Dr. Eggman: Then I'll find out. All I have to do is hack into their main computer, and I have instant access to all their robot designs.
[Eggman hacks the computer.]
Dr. Eggman: I'll log in. [Logs in] Great! We're in! [Receives G.U.N.'s robot designs.] How could they have come up with these designs so quickly?
[As Eggman keeps looking, he sees an interesting file, showing a man that looks like him.]
Dr. Eggman: It can't be!
[Decoe and Bocoe wonder.]
Decoe: Oh? Dr. Eggman?
Bocoe: Is something wrong?
Dr. Eggman: Unbelievable! This can only mean... This world is the world that I was born in!
[Decoe and Bocoe are shocked.]
Dr. Eggman: This is professor Gerald Robotnik, who was the greatest scientific genius of his time. He's my grandfather.
Decoe: Does that mean there is a connection between this world and the one we came from?
Bocoe: But how could that be?
Dr. Eggman: The two worlds are in parallel universes in share of exactly the same position in time and Space. Each is unaware of the other's existence. But thanks to Chaos Control, we travel between them. Let's see if there is any data about my grandfather that can clean up this mystery.
[A screen appears needing a password.]
Dr. Eggman: Let's try "Eggman"?
[Shows an error.]
Dr. Eggman: Error? "Robotnik"?
[Shows an error.]
Dr. Eggman: Argh! No way!
[Eggman has a flashback of a picture of Gerald and his granddaughter, Maria.]
Dr. Eggman: Maria! Ah, yes! M-A-R-I-A. Come on...
[Correct password, screen shows "Top secret"]
Decoe: You did it!
[Alarm goes off in the G.U.N. base]
Technician: It's a hacker! He used an unknown password to get into one of our databases! It holds a top secret file nobody has looked at for years!
Officer: What!? Cut off his access!
Dr. Eggman: They detected us!
Decoe: Download proceeding!
Bocoe: Affirmative! Deleting the original file from host computer!
Decoe: File deletion proceeding!
Officer: Shut down the entire system and hurry!
Technician: I'll try!
[Eggman growls and sweats]
Bocoe: Download complete in three seconds! Done!
Decoe: Orginal file deleted now!
Dr. Eggman: Whooh! Hacking sure is hard work. Now, let's look at that file. [Gasps] This is my grandfather's diary!
[Eggman stops at the last passage that says the word "Shadow".]
Gerald: I've done it! My greatest design is now complete. The ultimate creature, Shadow! My enemies think they have defeated me, but Shadow will carry out my orders without question. Now it sleeps, but one day it will be reawakened!
Gerald & Dr. Eggman: Shadow will bring total destruction!
Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] I'll awake Shadow for you, grandfather!

[Scene Change: The President's limousine]

[The President, the Director of Central Intelligence, Christina, Topaz, and Rouge are in the limo.]
President: I need your help, Rouge. Now, I don't know much about Project Shadow other than the name. There was a file, but it was impossible for us to read the data.
Rouge: And why's that?
President: It was password-protected. Unfortunately, the file was created by the same scientist who developed Project Shadow, and he never told anyone the password. That was fifty years ago.
Rouge: But somebody did figure out the password and stole the file from the laboratory.
Christina: Not only did they download the file from our system, but when that was finished, they went ahead and deleted the original file from our computer.
Rouge: That sounds just like something Eggman would do.
President: It was him...
[Rouge nods.]
Topaz: So then what's our mission, sir? Do you want us to check out Project Shadow for you?
Director of Central Intelligence: No, we already have an agent assigned to that duty.
President: I want you to find out why Dr. Eggman is so interested in Project Shadow, and what he's planning to do with it.
Rouge: Okay~
[Christina presses a button to signal the driver.]
Christina: Our passengers are leaving. You can stop the car here.
[The driver turns around, revealing he is Sam Speed.]
Sam: I know the President wouldn't want me to break the law, miss, so I'll wait 'til I can pull safely to the curb.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[The limo drops off Topaz and Rouge before driving away.]
Topaz: All right, Rouge, where do we start?
Rouge: First, we have to get Eggman to meet with us.
Topaz: Fat chance! He isn't exactly fans of ours.
Rouge: You're right... So we'll have to find some bait to lure him in, which means we'll need a Chaos Emerald.
[Topaz looks surprised]

[Scene Change: An apartment building]

[Chris wakes up and looks out the window. To his disappointment, it is not the usual view. Instead, there are cars and pedestrians on the street. He heads to the dining room and sits down. Ella is mixing a salad, while Cream and Cheese are holding cups.]
Cream: How are you, Chris? Would you like to have some tea?
Cheese: Chao chao!
Chris: [Sighs] No thank you.
Cream: What's the matter?
Chris: Nothing, I guess...
Ella: You'll get used to it here.
Chris: Maybe...
[Cream and Cheese glance at each other.]

[Scene Change: Chuck's lab - Roof]

[Chuck's lab is set up on the roof of the apartment. Chuck is working on an invention when he notices a sad Chris sitting on the stairs.]
Chuck: What's wrong? Homesick?
Chris: Sorta...

[Scene Change: Chuck's lab - Inside]

Chuck: It always takes some time to get used to a new place when you move, but I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends here. Now you know how Sonic and the others felt. Think about it, Chris. When Chaos Control sent them to this world, they felt themselves far from home, and they didn't know anybody around here. But did they sit around moping?
[Chris gapes in realization as several shots of his friends come to him. Sonic running. Tails working in his lab. Amy swinging her hammer. Knuckles guarding the Master Emerald; and Cream and Cheese dancing with Next.]
Chris: You're right! They didn't give up, and I won't either, Grandpa.
Chuck: Atta boy.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Sonic is running through the remains of Station Square when he hears a cry for help.]
Sonic: What now?
[Sonic locates the source of the person in distress.]
Sonic: It's coming from there. Don't worry; I'll save ya!
[Sonic uncovers the rubble of the building the distressed person is underneath.]
Sonic: Kid, are you okay?
[It is revealed that Sonic has rescued Bokkun.]
Bokkun: Yeah, I'm not hurt.
[Bokkun uncovers his eyes.]
Sonic: You?
[Bokkun's surprised expression changes to one of anger.]
Bokkun: You rescued me?! I'd have kept quiet if I had known you were gonna help me!
Sonic: I apologize.
Bokkun: Huh?
Sonic: I'm gone.
Bokkun: W-wait! Don't go!
Sonic: Why not?
Bokkun: Because before you go, Sonic, I wanna tell you that I'm not gonna say thank you for savin' me.
[Sonic sheepishly rubs his head and sweats a little]
Bokkun: [Angrily shaking his arms] From now on, if you hear me crying for help, turn around and run the other way, 'cause if you ever try to rescue me again, you're gonna be sorry!
Sonic: Uh, I-I know what you're trying to say. You're welcome.
[He leaves.]
Bokkun: But you can't say I'm welcome because I didn't thank you!!

[Scene Change: Angel Island]

Topaz: I still don't see how getting a Chaos Emerald is gonna help us accomplish our mission.
Rouge: It's simple. If we want to trick Eggman into talking, all we have to do is bring him something he wants more than anything.
[Topaz does not reply.]
Rouge: I guarantee ya this idea's gonna work like a charm.
[Topaz pulls out her GPS. A red dot is flashing on it. Rouge glances at it.]
Topaz: It's that way.

[Scene Change: SSTV News Station]

Scarlet: Hello. I'm Scarlet Garcia. I'm a reporter with the affiliate in Station Square.
Man 1: We know who you are.
Man 2: Your report on Chaos was an outstanding piece of journalism! Can I have your autograph?
Scarlet: Thank you.
[Scarlet walks into another room with another man.]
Scarlet: Everyone here is so friendly.
Man: [Laughs] Your reports are terrific, which is why our news director here wanted to--
[There is a man with shoulder-length blond hair at the window.]
Man: Oh, there you are, Franklin. Scarlet Garcia is here to see you.
["Franklin" turns around, revealing he is Mr. Stewart.]
Mr. Stewart: Hello.
Man: Scarlet, This is Franklin.
Scarlet: Uh... Hi.
[She and Mr. Stewart shake hands.]
Man: He just joined the channel as news director.
Scarlet: That's great. Very nice to meet you, Franklin.
Mr. Stewart: We have a lot to talk about, Miss Garcia.
[Soon Scarlet and Mr. Stewart are seated opposite each other on couches. Scarlet is holding a pamphlet labeled "The Secret of the Project: Shadow".]
Mr. Stewart: There's an important story here, Scarlet.
Scarlet: Project Shadow?
Mr. Stewart: Yes. You're familiar with the story?
Scarlet: I... am.
Mr. Stewart: I understand your late father was also a journalist, and that he investigated Project Shadow years ago.
Scarlet: I'd appreciate it if you get to the point.
Mr. Stewart: It's simple. Somebody's kept the real story about Project Shadow a secret for years, and I need a reporter with guts to find out who and why.
Scarlet: No way.
[Mr. Stewart leans across the table.]
Mr. Stewart: I want to know, and so do you! Aren't you curious? Wouldn't your father be? ... I'll watch your back and risk my life to make sure that you're safe. I promise you, Scarlet. Trust me. We can do this together.

[Scene Change: Angel Island]

[Rouge, who is wearing her balaclava, is flying away with the Master Emerald. She struggles to keep it aloft.]
Rouge: This is much better than a measly Chaos Emerald... [Grunts] but it sure is heavy.
Knuckles: [Off-screen] Hey!
[She looks back to see Knuckles speeding towards her.]
Knuckles: Bring the Master Emerald back here! ... I'll stop you!
[He punches a rock, breaking it up and sending it towards Rouge. One stone strikes Rouge in the face, causing her to drop the Master Emerald and crash into a bush.]
Topaz: Rouge!
[She races forward, but stubs her foot on the blue Chaos Emerald. She picks it up.]
Topaz: Hey Rouge! Look! I found a Chaos Emerald!
Rouge: Fine. I'll keep this one.
[Rouge is about to pick up the Master Emerald again, but Knuckles catches up to her.]
Knuckles: Not so fast!
Topaz: [Facepalms] Why does everything have to be a problem?
Knuckles: Don't you know what that is? You're trying to take away the Master Emerald! You're putting us all in danger! The Master Emerald keeps the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds from going out of control, and you are going to help me take it back.
[Rouge is leaning against the Master Emerald.]
Rouge: First you'll have to catch me~
[She flees.]
Knuckles: Come back here!
[He punches Rouge into a tree. Her mask slips off.]
Knuckles: Got ya!
[Knuckles sees Rouge's face.]
Knuckles: You're... that bat!
[She instant goes for the Master Emerald and flies away with it.]
Knuckles: Just wait.

[Scene Change: An island]

[An explosion rocks the guitar-shaped island.]
Officer: What's wrong?
[The facility goes on lockdown.]
Officer: Intruder Alert. Intruder alert. Hostile forces have penetrated Prison Island defenses at Gate #3. This is not a drill. Repeat: This is not a drill. Secure all entryways. Emergency lockdown procedures are effective immediately. The intruder is heading for the research area. Security units in the area, stand by for an assault. All other units prepare to counterattack. This is not a drill. Repeat: This is not a drill.
[Another fiery explosion reveals a laughing Eggman in his Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: This is more fun than hacking! Let's see... According to that computer file I stole, Project Shadow is this way. If it's as destructive as my grandfather claimed, then I can use it to rule this world, and no one can stop me!
Decoe: Wait up for us, Doctor!
[Eggman turns to see Bocoe and Decoe wearing military helmets.]
Bocoe: We are going to attack the lab with you.
Dr. Eggman: No thanks. I'd rather go it alone.
[He moves away, and his hench-bots give chase.]
Decoe: But I am lean! And mean!
Bocoe: I can kick any robot's hard drive!
Decoe: Give us a chance to prove ourselves!
[A door above them opens, and a Laser Hunter drops down to fight them. Bocoe and Decoe hug each other out of fear.]
Dr. Eggman: So, it's Laser Hunter.
[The Laser Hunter fires its laser at the Eggmobile, but Eggman presses a button.]
Dr. Eggman: Shield up.
[A force field is projected, blocking the attack.]
Dr. Eggman: My turn now.
[Eggman fires lasers of his own, destroying the Laser Hunter. He laughs.]
Dr. Eggman: I think his hunting license just expired!

[Scene Change: The President's limousine]

[Christina is on the phone.]
Christina: He's where?
[She hangs up.]
Christina: Dr. Eggman is attacking the secret lab on Prison Island.
[The President's and President's third assistant's expressions are grim.]

[Scene Change: Prison Island]

[Another G.U.N. robot fights Eggman and then Eggman destroys it]

Dr. Eggman: Stop cowering! Let's go!
[He begins moving again.]
Decoe: Wait for us, Doctor!
Bocoe: Do not leave us here!
Decoe and Bocoe: Here we come!
[They follow, unaware that a GUN robot is just ahead.]
Decoe: I wonder why no more robots are attacking.
Bocoe: We must have defeated them all.
Dr. Eggman: Not quite yet. There's one hiding up ahead.
[The robot ambushes them and opens fire, but the Eggmobile hovers above it and crushes it. Eggman laughs.]
Dr. Eggman: Another crushing victory.
[Decoe and Bocoe cautiously look around. They see that they have finally arrived at the chamber.]
Decoe: Oh. This room could use a good dusting.
Bocoe: The machinery has not been used in a very long time. ... Are you sure this is the right place, Doctor?
Dr. Eggman: According to the records, the Shadow creature is sleeping in that machine.
[Eggman moves over to a keypad.]
Dr. Eggman: Time to wake it up.
[He climbs out of the Eggmobile and begins typing on the keypad.]
Dr. Eggman: First, I enter a fake user ID, then I enter the password. M-A-R-I-A. Now I'll give it some juice with this Chaos Emerald and we're all set!
[After he inserts the Chaos Emerald, the machine begins glowing. Steam hisses from the pipes, filling the room. A stasis tube opens, revealing a hedgehog-like figure similar to Sonic, but its quills are pointed upwards.]
Dr. Eggman: Huh?! You! It can't be...!
[The hedgehog stands up and faces Eggman. The episode ends and the credits roll.]