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Sonic X
Project Shadow (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Project Shadow".

Eggman: That's an impossibility. If their robots were better, that'd make them smarter than me.
Decoe: It does looks like they've made progress, Doctor.
Bocoe: If it is true, we'll be in big trouble.
Eggman: Then I'll find out. All I have to do is hack into their main computer, and I have instant access to all their robot designs.
[Eggman hacks the computer.]
Eggman: I log in. [Logs in] Great! We're in! [Receives G.U.N.'s robot designs.] How could they have come up with these designs so quickly?
[As Eggman keeps looking, he sees an interesting file, showing a man that looks like him.]
Eggman: It can't be!
[Decoe and Bocoe wonder.]
Decoe: Dr. Eggman?
Bocoe: Is something wrong?
Eggman: Unbelievable! This can only mean... This world is the world I was born in!
[Decoe and Bocoe are shocked.]
Eggman: This is professor Gerald Robotnik, who was the greatest scientific genius of his time. He's my grandfather.
Decoe: Does that mean there is a connection between this world and the one we came from?
Bocoe: But how could that be?
Eggman: The two worlds are in parallel universes in share of exactly the same position in time and space. Each is unaware of the others existence. But thanks to Chaos Control, we travel between them. Let's see if there is any data about my grandfather that can clean up this mystery.
[A screen appears needing a password.]
Eggman: Let's try "Eggman"?
[Shows an error.]
Eggman: Error? "Robotnik"?
[Shows an error.]
Eggman: Argh! No way!
[Eggman has a flashback of a picture of Gerald and his granddaughter, Maria.]
Eggman: Maria! Yes! M-A-R-I-A.
[Correct password, screen shows "Top secret"]
Decoe: You did it!
[Alarm goes off in the G.U.N. base]
Technician: It's a hacker! He used an unknown password to hack into one of our databases! It holds a top secret file nobody has looked up for years!
Officer: What!? Cut off his access!
Eggman: They detected us!
Decoe: Download proceeeding!
Bocoe: Affirmative! Deleting the original file from host computer!
Decoe: File deletion proceeding!
Officer: Shut down the entire system and hurry!
Technician: I'll try!
[Eggman grins and sweats]
Bocoe: Download complete in three seconds! Done!
Decoe: Orginal file deleted now!
Eggman: Whooh! Hacking sure is hard work. Now, let's look at that file. [Gasps] This is my grandfather's diary!
[Eggman stops at the last passage that says the word "Shadow".]
Gerald: I've done it! My greatest design is now complete. The ultimate creature, Shadow! My enemies think they have defeated me, but Shadow will carry out my orders without question. Now it sleeps, but one day it will be reawakened!
Gerald & Eggman: Shadow will bring total destruction!
Eggman: [laughs] I'll awake Shadow for you, grandfather!

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