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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

He was the most feared and respected professor of evil on campus!

Dr. Eggman, "Mister Eggman"

Professor Kingsford[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic bulldog, and a well-respected, yet feared, Evil Science professor.[2]


Kingsford compared to Dr. Eggman.

Kingsford is an anthropomorphic bulldog about half as tall as Dr. Eggman. He has brown eyes with almost slit-like pupils, beige fur and a white muzzle. He also has small floppy ears, a very wrinkled face, a noticeable brow ridge, a black snout, skin folds down the sides of his mouth, an underbite with an upturned jaw, and sharp teeth. In terms of body proportions, he has no visible neck, a round torso, and medium-short legs. For attire, he wears a white shirt, a red bowtie, a grey vest with black buttons over his shirt, a black jacket, black shoes with white spats, and white gloves. He also usually wears flat pince-nez glasses.


TV series


Back in his day, Kingsford was the most feared and respected professor of evil on the campus Dr. Eggman attended. Part of why he was so feared was because he would always pick one sap among his students to be his goat and wail mercilessly on him for the entire semester; this earned him the nickname "the goat herder."[2]

Season two

Kingsford giving Eggman his diploma.

Kingsford was eventually given a class of villains to educate, each one seeking a doctorate in Evil Science. Upon seeing how unprepared his student Dr. Eggman was, Kingsford made him his goat. Over the next weeks, Kingsford wailed on Eggman for his constant failures while educating his class. Eventually, he warned Eggman that his only way to pass was to ace the final exam. Unbeknownst to everyone though, Kingsford planned for the real exam to be to steal his (fake) answer sheet for the exam; only then could someone be deemed evil. At the exam, Kingsford noticed only Eggman had cheated, and so proudly gave him his diploma.[2]


Although calm and collected, Kingsford is a very serious and quite intimidating figure whose ruthlessness as a teacher has earned him a fearsome reputation. He is very hard to please and difficult to impress; even the slightest display of undisciplined or tardy behavior is enough to leave a long-lasting negative impression on him.[2]

An exceptionally strict teacher, Kingsford is a perfectionist and is not one to go easy on his students. This includes expecting his students to be prepared for work on the very first day of school and failing his entire class for a class project when only a single one of them fell short of his assignment. He also has a habit of singling out the "class goat" and wail mercilessly on this particular person over any error they make. However, his intentions with this behavior is not to break such students down out of pure malice. He is also capable of showing acknowledgement to those who can prove themselves, including his "class goat".[2]

Powers and abilities

Being a professor in Evil Science, Kingsford is a highly intelligent individual in his particular field of science. Most noticeably, he has a full understanding of the functions of a rudimentary Doomsday Device.[2]


Dr. Eggman

Kingsford's relationship with Dr. Eggman came off to a rocky start. On the very first day of his class, he brutally made Eggman his class goat after witnessing how sloppy and unprepared the scientist was (despite the fear and respect Eggman had for him) and made sure that the whole class knew it. Over the semester, Kingsford would heavily criticize any work Eggman made, leading to Eggman developing exam anxiety. Ironically though, Eggman proved to be only one of his students to graduate his class by cheating at the final exam. Kingsford did not mind this however, and instead gained a measure of respect for Eggman.[2]


"What you are, Mr. Eggman, is a GOAT. Would you like a carrot, goat boy?"
—Kingsford labeling Eggman as his goat, "Mister Eggman".
"Seeing as this was a class project, and Goatboy was unable to accomplish the simple task with which he was charged, you shall all fail the assignment."
—Kingsford failing his entire class for Eggman's blunder, "Mister Eggman".
"Precisely... And this is a class in evil. As such, the true final exam was to steal the final exam. And only one of my students passed. Dr. Eggman."
—Kingsford declaring that Eggman has passed his final exam, "Mister Eggman".


  • Kingsford's name may be derived from Kingston University, a famous university with professors in London, Britannia.
    • The location of this university might also have attributed to Kingsford's species (a bulldog), which has a longstanding association with British culture.


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