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Prodi is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is an enthusiastic racing driver with a passion for competition, as he and his team participate in an annual event known as the car festival, a single-lap race around Soleanna's New City, every year. However, his driving skills are evidently quite amateur; his team has finished last in the car festival five years in a row. His biggest rival is Schultz, a racer with driving expertise that has allowed him to come in first place for five years running, giving others the belief that he will always win in these races.


Prodi celebrating his team's victory against Schultz.

In Shadow's story, Prodi gives Shadow his ninth Town Mission. The season for the car festival has come around once again, but the long losing streak of Prodi's team has deterred any volunteers from driving for them. However, after feeling convinced that Shadow is a great driver, he allows him to participate in the festival and attempt to beat Schultz's team using a large buggy.

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