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Professor Speckle is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a renowned alchemist from Planet Meridian and is a member of Lord Sidewinder's team of enforcers. He possesses an alter-ego named Mr. Fry which he can transform into by drinking a Transforming Serum of his own creation.


Speckle is an exceedingly skinny and tall humanoid being with a frail appearance. He has sickly green skin, eyes and hair color, and is almost completely bald except for a few strands of hair. As attire, he wears gray pinstripe suit with a black collar, a purple shirt with a purple and yellow tie, and black shoes.


Speckle, Lightmare and Bio-Hazard were in Lord Sidewinder's residence where they welcomed Sonic the Hedgehog when Sidewinder brought him there as a part of a deal with Super Sonic which would make him join their group. When Super Sonic broke their deal however and destroyed the residence before preparing to kill everyone, Speckle mixed up his Transforming Serum and transformed into Mr. Fry to fight Super Sonic. However, with Super Sonic proving too powerful and the Chaotix arriving, Mr. Fry and his associate escaped from the scene.[1][2]

A few weeks later, Speckle was in New Tek City where he was kidnapped by the Sky Pirates to be press-ganged into their crew. Unimpressed with Speckle, Plunder had him thrown into his ship's hold where Speckle ate Plunder's chocolates. Speckle was subsequently forced to walk the plank. In the water, Speckle managed to drink some Transforming Serum from his bottles before the sharks ate him, transforming him into Mr. Fry and saving himself.[3] As Mr. Fry fought some serum-transformed sharks though, he turned back to Speckle, who tried to sneak away but failed. While Plunder finished the sharks, Speckle escape using the last crate of Plunder's rum truffles as a raft.[4]


Speckle is a brilliant, vengeful, and conceit,[3] if somewhat unscrupulous, individual. Despite his loss of individually when it happens, Speckle is fully willing to transform into Mr. Fry if the need should arise. He also has a noticeable sweet tooth, scoffing down Captain Plunder's several crates of sweets and treats on his own.[3][4]

Powers and abilities


Proctor Speckle mixing his transformation serum, from Sonic the Comic #85. Art by Richard Elson.

While weak in body, Speckle is a brilliant and famous alchemist.[3] His most prominent creation is his Transforming Serum which can turn those that drink it into powerful, ferocious, and monstrous alter-egos. By drinking his own serum, he can transform into his more powerful alter-ego, Mr. Fry.


  • When first appearing in Sonic the Comic, Proctor Speckle was introduced as "Mr Fry" by Lord Sidewinder, which was his alter-ego's name. His real name was later revealed in Sonic the Comic #91.
  • Proctor Speckle and Mr. Fry are based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, Speckle is willing to become Mr. Fry unlike Jekyll who would do anything to prevent the transformation.
  • Speckle might have an incredibly high metabolism based on how quickly he devoured Captain Plunder's crates of sweets.


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