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Sonic X
Prize Fights (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Prize Fights".

[Scene: A warehouse]

[Eggman is hammering on a large object. Bocoe and Decoe are also working on the ground below him.]
Dr. Eggman: Make yourselves useful, you dawdling dunces! I'm out of supplies!
[He tosses a shopping list down to them.]
Decoe: What's this?
Bocoe: A shopping list?
[Decoe picks up the shopping list and reads it.]
Decoe: Three tons of extra large nails, five thousand cans of spit-and-sparkle varnish. When you buy supplies, you do not mess around.
Bocoe: But how can we get all of that back from the store?
Dr. Eggman: With a great degree of difficulty! Now hunt down that hardware or else!
[Both robots salute.]
Decoe: Yes, sir!
Bocoe: Aye-aye!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla are out among the flowers in the garden.]
Cream: We'll both have necklaces now, Mama.
[Emerl approaches them with a bouquet of freshly-picked flowers.]
Cream: Oh hi, Emerl!
[He presents them to Cream, who graciously accepts them.]
Cream: Wow! Are these for me, Emerl? They're lovely!
[Emerl would have blushed if he were not a robot.]
Cream: Thank you so much!
[Amy, who is standing on a chair on the balcony, looks on sadly.]
Cream: Aren't they beautiful, Mama?
Vanilla: They certainly are, Cream.
Amy: [Thinking] I wish Sonic would do that for me...
[She envisions Sonic presenting her a bouquet of flowers. However, a mosquito distracts her. She tries to clap at the mosquito, but to no avail. Even chasing it doesn't work. Meanwhile the mosquito has aggravated Amy enough to bring out her Piko Piko Hammer. The insect finally lands on the window, and Amy is just about to hammer it when Tanaka appears.]
Mr. Tanaka: Miss Amy!
[Amy looks at Tanaka.]
Mr. Tanaka: Please don't swing that hammer.
[The mosquito flies away.]
Amy: I almost had him, but thanks to you, he got away!
Mr. Tanaka: I beg your pardon, but I believe you would have smashed both the bug and the window.
Amy: I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I just don't know what's wrong with me, Mr. Tanaka.
[She looks back over the railing.]
Amy: It seems like I can't get anything I want... especially Sonic.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Living room]

[Ella moves a pie in front of Amy.]
Ella: My chocolate peanut butter pie. It's warm right from the oven.
[Tanaka pours a cup of tea.]
Mr. Tanaka: Do not worry so, Miss Amy. Try to cheer up. Things will be much brighter before you know it. Just when it seems the clouds will never pass, the sun comes shining through your window.
[He sets the tea in front of Amy.]
Amy: I hope you're right. ...I won't think about him any more!
[She takes a slice of the pie, and leans back to eat it when she sees Sonic run by outside. Amy blinks in surprise.]

[Scene Change: SSTV Station]

[The military is gathered outside the broadcasting center. Scarlet Garcia is broadcasting a story.]
Scarlet: Yesterday, SSTV News reported that the notorious Dr. Eggman had escaped from jail along with his two mechanical henchmen. Officials now believe that Eggman and his robots are hiding underground plotting their next assault. In an effort to undermine the plot, the President has formulated a plan that will involve Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge the Bat.
[Outside, the President and Christina Cooper disembark from their limo and head into the building.]
Scarlet: While information is sketchy, it appears some sort of tournament is in the works. Luckily, I've been granted an exclusive interview with the participants to talk about this exciting development.
[Scarlet follows a cameraman into the other room, where Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge are sitting on a sectional couch. They appear bored, and Scarlet blushes.]
Scarlet: Uh... Well, it doesn't appear that Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge are as excited about this competition as one might expect them to be.
[The President rounds the corner, and is shocked to see Scarlet reporting this story. He pushes her and the cameraman aside.]
Scarlet: Maybe once we begin our interview, they'll tell us why they seem so glum.
President: Spread out!
[He enters the room. Topaz is also there.]
President: Well, Topaz, are they in or out?
Topaz: [Salutes] Well sir, they--
Sonic: I don't know about this plan of yours.
Knuckles: This tournament idea sounds kinda screwy.
President: [To Rouge] How 'bout you?
Rouge: I might consider helping you out with this plan of yours, but if I do, it's gonna cost ya.
[The President's and Topaz's eyes widen.]
President: What exactly does that mean?
Rouge: Well, I do have a weakness for jewelry.
President: I'll tell you what. If you all agree to battle in our tournament, We'll offer a grand prize to the winner.
[Christina and Scarlet enter the room.]
President: Whoever wins the competiton gets... a Chaos Emerald!
[This gets the Mobians' attention.]
Knuckles: You want me to waste my time for one Chaos Emerald? Sorry, but you can count me out.
Rouge: Ah, could it be Gloomy Gus over here's too chicken? I guess he's afraid I might beat him.
[Rouge emphasizes her point by poking Knuckles, who brushes her hand away.]
Knuckles: Look here. I'm not afraid of anybody, got that?
Scarlet: It's too bad. It would have been such an exciting tournament.
President: Well, if he really doesn't want to prove himself, there's no use forcing him to.
Topaz: I suppose not, Mr. President.
[Scarlet leans in close to Knuckles.]
Scarlet: Our viewers will be so disappointed, especially the millions of rabid Knuckles fans out there.
[Topaz leans in as well.]
Topaz: Kids who just want a glimpse of their hero.
[A now-irate Knuckles sweatdrops as Rouge also leans in next to him.]
Rouge: You don't want 'em to think you're a big scaredy-cat, do ya?
[As does the President.]
President: This will be the perfect way to prove just how tough you are. Unless, of course, you're secretly a sniveling coward.
[Knuckles yells in rage and frustration and leaps onto the table. The humans back away.]
Knuckles: That does it! Nobody calls me a coward and gets away with it!
[He raises his fist in the air.]
Knuckles: I'll enter the competition and win the Chaos Emerald!
Rouge: That was easy.
[The humans applaud.]
Sonic: Man, talk about bein' a first-class sucker.
[Knuckles sweatdrops again.]
Topaz: [Aside to Rouge] I can't believe he bought all that flattery.
Rouge: [Aside to Topaz] He's a knucklehead.
[Knuckles turns his head to them.]
President: [Aside to Christina] Just one little detail. Do we have any Emeralds?
[Christina nods.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Manor - Living room]

[The Thorndykes and Sonic's friends (including Emerl and excluding Amy) are watching TV. Scarlet is standing alongside the President.]
Scarlet: This is Scarlet Garcia. The President has just announced that Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge the Bat will take part in an exciting martial arts tournament. Mr. President, would you like to say a few words to our viewers? ... Here.
[Scarlet hands the microphone to the President.]
President: In addition, we would like to open the tournament to anyone who feels they would like to participate.
[He gives a wink and thumbs-up.]
President: So sign up today!

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[The President's message spreads through the entire city. Flyers are posted everywhere, and the images of Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge are stamped on the side of trucks.]
President: Tell all your friends to tell all their friends! This competition promises to be the most exciting event ever! The grand prize is a genuine Chaos Emerald! So come on down if you think you have what it takes to battle with the best! Yah!
[On TV, Scarlet is standing in front of several female phone operators.]
Scarlet: Would you like to compete? Operators are standing by, so call today! Uh... We'll be... right back!
[The commercial shows Knuckles smashing a rock and other objects to explosive bits. He flexes his muscles.]
Knuckles: Ha! ... Think you're tough enough? Well, what are you waiting for?
[Even Scarlet and the operators are surprised after seeing the commercial.]
Operator 1: Maybe you could win that Chaos Emerald, Tiffany.
Operator 2: If I did, I'd turn it into one awesome earring.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Manor - Living room]

[Needless to say, those watching are also surprised at Knuckles' message.]
Tails: Well, Chris, guess we'd better call that number and enter.
Chris: But Tails, are you crazy? Didn't you see that commercial?
Tails: You know you can't believe everything you see on TV.
[The others are not convinced. The phone rings, and Tanaka answers it.
Mr. Tanaka: [On phone] Hello? ... Yes, I'll put him on, Mr. Thorndyke. [Off phone] Here, Chris. Your father, he would like to speak with you.
Chris: Okay, thanks.
[He accepts the phone offered to him.]
Chris: [On phone] Hi, Dad. ... Yeah. ... You're signing up for the competition? But how come? [Shocked] You think you have a good chance at winning?! [Dismayed] And you thought it might be a lot of fun to enter me, Amy, Tails, Mr. Tanaka, Grandpa, and Ella too?
[The others are surprised.]
Ella: [Shocked] He wants me to battle?!
[Tanaka begins practicing his karate skills.]
Chris: Listen, may we-- [Dial tone] Uh... He hung up on me. Well, I guess it's settled.
Scarlet: The martial arts tournament planners have just released the official events schedule.
[The tournament bracket is shown.]
Scarlet: They've also begun announcing who'll be competing. Slots are fulling up fast, so call now. We'll be right back after this.
Operator: Aaaand... roll commercial.
Scarlet: [Off-air] I'm doing an infomercial. This is gonna kill my credibility.
[The technicians shrug as the operators frantically answer phone calls.]

[Scene Change: The warehouse]

[Eggman is hammering a nail into a board. He accidentally hits his thumb and winces. After blowing on his wound, He looks down from his perch to see that Decoe and Bocoe have still not returned.]
Dr. Eggman: Now, thanks to those loitering lay abouts, my thumb is as flat as a flapjack! How dare those two slowpokes keep me waiting! [To Bokkun] Bokkun, come here right away!
[But Bokkun is behind Eggman on top of a suspended tile.]
Bokkun: Here I am!
[Eggman turns his head to find Bokkun]
Bokkun: What is it, Dr. Eggman?
Dr. Eggman: Find those two tardy tin cans and step on it!
Bokkun: [Salutes] Yes, sir, Doctor!
[He flies away.]
Bokkun: Hahahaha!

[Scene Change: The tournament building]

[The President stands in the middle of the arena with a microphone as fireworks burst, crowds cheer, and balloons rise into the air.]
President: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first annual Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up! ... Today's participants will be competing for this... authentic... Chaoooos Emerald!
[He holds up the shiny red gem. Meanwhile, Decoe and Bocoe look at the tournament match-ups.]
Decoe: Looks like a picture of my insides.
[Cream and Vanilla are attending. Cream waves. The arena is packed. Scarlet is standing to the side of the battle ring, ready to announce.]
Scarlet: The atmosphere here at the stadium is absolutely electric, and rumor has it that a special surprise participant is about to kick off this martial arts challenge.
[The fans cheer. The President stands nearby, bumping his boxing gloves together.]
Christina: This is a bad idea.
President: I may have a pudge, but I still got a punch!
[He throws a few practice punches.]
Scarlet: The crows is cheering for today's master of ceremonies, the owner of Diamond Stadium, Elmer Johnson. Let's listen as he introduces our first two competitors.
[Elmer Johnson walks into the ring with a microphone, and waves to the crowd.]
Elmer: In this corner, the President!
[The President waves to the audience with both hands.]
Elmer: And his opponent, in black armor, the Black Knight!
[A mysterious person in a black suit of armor stares down the President.]
Christina: Are you sure you wanna do this, Mr. President?
President: No.
[Scarlet is standing next to a small table with an open umbrella in the center. A bell is on the table.]
Scarlet: Let the mash-up begin!
[She rings the bell with a small hammer. The President approaches the Black Knight. He lands a flurry of punches on the Black Knight's armor, but he isn't fazed. The Black Knight simply stares at the President. Laughing, the Black Knight raises his hand to attack.]
Christina: Oh no!
[The President cringes, but is saved when a towel lands on his head. Before he knows it, Elmer raises the Black Knight's hand in victory.]
Elmer: The Black Knight will move to the second round!
Scarlet: The President's aide threw in the towel.
[The President, with the towel still over his head, turns to Christina.]
President: Why'd you do that?!
Christina: I think you have more power lunches than power punches.
[The President angrily stomps his feet in defeat.]
Scarlet: Now let's move on to our next exciting match-up.
[She rings the bell again. The second match is between Chris and Danny.]
Danny: Look out!
Scarlet: It looks like one of these classmates is ready to rumble.
[Chris hangs his head. Danny approaches Chris.]
Danny: Chris, what's the matter?
Chris: I'm sorry. I don't wanna fight.
Danny: Yeah, but Chris, we could win that Chaos Emerald.
[Chris looks up with tears in his eyes.]
Chris: Uh, I don't wanna get hurt!
[Danny darts over to another part of the ring.]
Danny: Whoas, take it easy! We won't fight, okay? I won't touch you! See? I'm not even near you.
Chris: [Darkly] Perfect.
[He lunges at a surprised Danny.]
Chris: I gotcha!
[Chris successfully tackles Danny to the ground. Danny struggles to get up.]
Danny: Aahh! No fair! That's fighting dirty!
Chris: Who cares? It worked, didn't it?
[Elmer raises Chris' hand in victory.]
Scarlet: From tears to cheers in seconds flat, Christopher Thorndyke wins the match!
[Danny pounds the ground in defeat. Chris walks backstage, where he sees Chuck dressed in wrestling gear. Chuck gives his grandson a thumbs-up.]
Chuck: Nice work, Chris.
Chris: Hi, Grandpa.
[That's when Chris sees Chuck's ridiculous get-up.]
Chris: Hey, what's with that weird bathrobe?
[Chuck throws off his outfit.]
Chuck: Back in my day, I was known as Thorndyke the Throttler!
[He stretches a little too vigorously, and accidentally strains his back.]
Chris: Grandpa, what's wrong?
[Chuck is soon loaded into an ambulance. The ambulance leaves.]
Scarlet: Professor Thorndyke have been forced to withdraw from competition due to a warm-up injury. Therefore, the winner by forfeit is Lucky.
[Elmer raises the hand of Chuck's would-be opponent, E-77 Lucky. Decoe and Bocoe look on. They are dressed in karate garb.]
Decoe: He won! Lucky certainly is lucky, isn't he?
Bocoe: His name says it all. Wish me luck, Decoe. I battle next.
Decoe: Hey, so do I.
[Both robots enter the ring.]
Crowd: (Yeah! Bring it!)
Decoe: I will not hold back!
Bocoe: Neither will I!
[They begin wrestling with each other. Suddenly, the sound of police sirens fills their ears.]
Police Officer: Freeze! You're under arrest! Surrender! You can't escape! We've got you surrounded!
[The camera pans out to show that there are police cars surrounding the entire ring. Decoe and Bocoe break out in a cold sweat.]
Bocoe: We're in trouble.
Decoe: Quick! Run for it!
Police Officer: Get 'em!
[The cars chase the robots out of the stadium. Scarlet emerges from underneath the umbrella on the table.]
Scarlet: Our next match pits Hawk against everyone's favorite high-flying fox, Tails!
[She rings the bell.]
Tails: Ready when you are!
[Hawk makes confusing hand movements to intimidate Tails, then lunges for tails, attempting to launch a flurry of strikes and punches. Tails uses his namesakes to block the attacks.]
Scarlet: Hawk is on the offense and showering his opponent with lightning-fast moves and fists of fury, but Tails is keeping cool and letting his twin tails take the punishment.
[Hawk raises his foot in an attempt to kick Tails.]
Scarlet: Here comes the kicker!
[Tails sweatdrops and ducks, using his tails in an attempt to block the attack.]
Scarlet: Looks like the tails are ready to attack!
[However, he lowers his leg.]
Hawk: Those things don't scare me.
[He grasps Tails' namesakes.]
Hawk: I gotcha!
Tails: Oh yeah? Think again!
[Tails uses his namesakes to spin Hawk around, making him dizzy. Elmer raises his hand in victory.]
Scarlet: Hawk has suffering a dizzying defeat!
Tails: And I win!
Crowd: That was awesome!
Tails: They like me... They really like me!
[The bell rings, indicating the next match: Bokkun vs Amy]
Bokkun: Hi there!
[Amy puts her hands on her hips.]
Amy: No way! They let you enter this thing?
[Bokkun's eyes water.]
Bokkun: What's wrong with me?
[Bokkun breaks down and cries. The spectators begin reacting negatively.]
Amy: [To Bokkun] There's nothing wrong with you; you're great, I was joking. Please don't cry, okay?
[A cameraman moves in.]
Amy: Sorry about this, folks. He's just a little bit nervous, that's all. Totally not my fault.
[A heart flutters from her as Bokkun looks up.]
Bokkun: Liar...
[Amy draws her hammer, scaring Bokkun, and turns upon him, smirking.]
Amy: What did you say?
[Bokkun cowers back as Amy raises her hammer.]
Bokkun: Nothing! Nothing, honest!
[The scene cuts to the outside of the tournament building as Amy delivers Bokkun a smashing blow. Elmer raises Amy's hand in victory.]
Scarlet: And the winner by a knockout is Amy!
Amy: I couldn't have done it without the support of all my fans.
[She poses for the cheering fans.]
Fans: (Hey, Amy!) (We love you!)
Amy: [giggles] Thanks, everybody. Right back at ya!
Scarlet: Well folks, thus ends the first half of this exciting tournament. We'll be taking a short intermission.
[Fans visit the food court, have Knuckles sign his autograph and have pictures taken with Tails. Meanwhile, Eggman is scanning the crowd for his missing robots from the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Those loafing lug heads. Where could the be? Just wait 'til I get my hands on them...
[Inside one of the other buildings, Sonic and Chris are drinking drinks.]
Sonic: Boy, Chris, I couldn't believe that was you out there.
[Chris appears guilty.]
Chris: Why? Because I lied and cheated a little? So what? Is that so wrong?
Sonic: Kinda.
Chris: It's just... I'm always the good guy! I just wanted to see what it felt like to be bad. It doesn't feel good.
[But Sonic smiles.]
Chris: You know?
[Sonic gives Chris a thumbs-up.]
Sonic: Then don't do it again!
[Chris smiles and returns the thumbs-up. Later, it is time for Round 2. Next stands in the middle of the ring with a sign that reads "2".]
Scarlet: Welcome back. We're ready to begin the second round of the first annual Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up. First up is tough guy Knuckles vs. the mysterious Black Knight.
Knuckles: Let's go, metal man!
[The Black Knight laughs.]
Knuckles: Tough guy, eh? We'll just see about that!
[He charges towards a protesting Black Knight and punches him to the ground. The Black Knight begs for mercy.]
Black Knight: Don't hurt me, Knuckles! Just let me win! Please! I'm begging you!
Knuckles: Who are you, anyway?
Black Knight: It's me...
[He removes his helmet, revealing himself to be none other than Jerome Wise.]
Knuckles: [Surprised] You're the Black Knight?
Jerome: I need that Chaos Emerald! I don't have any money!
Knuckles: There's one thing I cannot stand... a whiner!!
[Scared out of his wits, Jerome scrambles to get out of the ring. Elmer raises Knuckles' hand in victory.]
Scarlet: The Black Knight turned yellow, so Knuckles wins the match.
[Chris looks around the corner, but is called back.]
Danny: Hey Chris.
[Chris turns to see Danny there.]
Chris: Danny.
Danny: I just wanted to wish you good luck.
Chris: Thank you.
[Just then, a helicopter flies over the ring, and Nelson leaps from it. He uses a parachute to land safely in the middle of the ring.]
Scarlet: Our next fighter is dropping in just in time for the next match.
[Nelson finishes landing in the ring.]
Chris: Dad?!
[The bell dings]
Nelson: Well, Son, if you want to make it to the quarterfinals, you'll have to beat your old man first. Let's go!
[Lindsey and Chuck look on with concern. Chuck is bandaged from head to toe.]
Chuck: He'll have a hard time with Nelson. I taught him everything he knows.
[In a sudden move, Chris knocks Nelson to the ground and pins his legs to prevent him from getting up.]
Nelson: Ow! Ow! Ow! I give up! Oh! Oh! Uncle! Uncle! Ow!
[Elmer waves his hands to stop the match and Chuck looks shocked while Lindsey looks irritated.]
Chuck: I guess talent must skip a generation.
[The next match is Sam Speed vs Mr. Stewart.]
Mr. Stewart: Let's see what you got.
Sam: Okay.
[But Sam wrestles Mr. Stewart to the ground.]
Chris: Uncle Sam, don't!
Sam: I can't go easy on him just because he's your teacher!
Chris: I know! But they didn't ring the starting bell yet!
[Sam sweatdrops, waves, climbs into his car that is parked nearby, and leaves.]
Sam: Oh well... I'm in a hurry anyway!
[Elmer raises Mr. Stewart's hand in victory.]
Scarlet: Saved by the bell, Mr. Stewart is the winner!
[Lucky's opponent would have been either Decoe or Bocoe, but since they are both on the run from the police, Elmer raises Lucky's hand in victory.]
Scarlet: And since both the robots are on the run, Lucky wins again. Lucky guy.
[Lucky leaves the ring as Tanaka and Topaz take their places.]
Topaz: Come on!
[But instead of fighting, Tanaka approaches Topaz, pulls out a beautiful necklace, and places it around Topaz's neck.]
Topaz: Is... this for me?
Mr. Tanaka: [Beaming] Yes... and so am I.
Topaz: [Blushing] I'm... so happy!
[They hug.]
Chris: Ella, what just happened?
Ella: It's very simple. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.
Danny: What does that mean?
Ella: You'll both understand when you get a little older. Now it's time for my match!
[She leaves with her frying pan.]
Cream: Emel! I know you can win!
[Emerl appears ready to fight.]
Cream: But whatever happens, be extra gentle with Ella, okay?
[Emerl appears conflicted.]
Cream: What's wrong with Emerl?
Ella: He doesn't know how he can win if he's gentle.
Cream: Oh, that's terrible. What should we do, Cheese?
Cheese: Chao.
[Cream and Cheese glance at each other.]
Ella: Ah, I have an idea. I'll forfeit the match!
Cream: But... are you sure?
Ella: Sure I'm sure. After all, I've got dinner to make.
Cream: You're the best, Ella!
Cheese: Chao chao chao!
Rouge: Not exactly what I'd call a challenge, but here goes.
[She swoops at Tails, but the fox dodges and flies into the air at Rouge, who avoids him.]
Tails: Oh yeah?
Scarlet: This exciting grudge match is off and running! Or should I say flying?
[They exchange blows in midair before Rouge lands.]
Rouge: You're not bad... for an amateur.
[Tails flies down before charging at Rouge.]
Rouge: Watch out, boy.
[As soon as Tails gets close enough, Rouge grabs him, kisses him, and dumps the embarrassed fox outside the ring.]
Scarlet: Well, it looks like Rouge the Bat sure gave Tails the kiss-off. That makes her the winner of this match.
Rouge: Sorry to smooch and run, but I've gotta touch up my lipstick.
[She leaves. Soon, the last match is set up. The competitors are Amy and Sonic.]
Scarlet: Ladies and gentlemen, we're now down to the final battle of the second round. This next match promises to be a real crowdpleaser. Let's see what happens.
Amy: I never wanted this to happen. Just think: me... against Sonic.
[Sonic appears worried.]
Amy: [To herself] How can I do this? [Aloud] How can I fight someone I care for so much? ... ? Sonic!
Sonic: This won't work. You gotta think of some way to get her mad at me, Chris.
Chris: Don't look at me!
Amy: And I can tell he doesn't want to fight with me, either. 'Cause he cares.
Sonic: Chris, please. Help me out.
Chris: When she's acting like this, nothing can get her mad!
[Eggman hovers above the ring.]
Dr. Eggman: Huh? That's Sonic! I'd better check this out.
[Amy approaches Sonic.]
Amy: Sonic, I understand.
Sonic: Understand what?
[He looks up and sees Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Say goodbye.
[The doctor pushes a button that fires a laser at the competitors. He runs towards Amy, who is delighted, thinking that he is coming to hug him, when it is really a rescue. Sonic quickly carries her out of the way of the laser, which strikes where they were just standing.]
Amy: Oh Sonic, you really do care about me!
Dr. Eggman: Missed!
[He flies away.]
Sonic: Where do you think you're goin'?
[He leaps out of the stadium in pursuit of Eggman. Amy stands up.]
Amy: Sonic... Oh well. At least now I know how he feels about me.
Chris: Huh. More trouble with Eggman.
Scarlet: What a shocker, folks! Our friend Sonic has forfeited the match, and that means we're down to the final eight.
[The eight remaining contestants are Knuckles, Chris, Mr. Stewart, E-77 Lucky, Tanaka, Emerl, Rouge, and Amy.]
Scarlet: Who will be the winner? Tune in next time to find out!