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Sonic X
Prize Fights (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, Prize Fights.

[Scene: Eggman's lair.]

Eggman: Makes yourselves useful, you dawdling dunces. I'm out of supplies.
Decoe: What's this?
Bocoe: A shopping list?
Decoe: Three tons of extra large nails, five thousand cans of spit and sparkle barnish. When you buy supplies you do not mess around.
Bocoe: But how can we get all of that back from the store?
Eggman: With a great degree of difficulty. Now hunt down that hardware, or else!
Bocoe: Yes, sir!
Docoe: Aye-aye!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Estate, day.]

Cream: We'll both have necklaces now, Mama.
Cheese: Chao.
Cream: Oh, hi there now! Oh, wow, are these for me and them? They're lovely! Are they beautiful, Mama?
Vanilla: They certainly are, Cream.
Amy: I wish Sonic would do that for me.
[Amy giggles, but then an insect buzzes her. She gasps, gets her Piko Poko Hammer, tries to get rid of it.]
Mr. Tanaka: Miss Amy!
Amy: Hmm?
Mr. Tanaka: Please don't swing that hammer.
[The insect buzzes away]
Amy: Oh! I almost had him, but thanks to you, he got away. Oh...
Mr. Tanaka: I beg your pardon, but I believe you would've smashed both the bug and the window.
Amy: [sighs] I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I just don't know what's wrong with me Mr. Tanaka. [sighs] Seems like I can't get everything I want, especially Sonic.
Scarlet: Our viewers will be so disappointed, especially the millions of rabid Knuckles fans out there.
Scarlet: I'm doing an infomercial. This is gonna kill my credibility.
Scarlet: The President's aid threw in the towel!
Rouge: Sorry to smooch and run, but I've gotta touch up my lipstick.

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