For this comic's titular heroine, see Sally Acorn.

Princess Sally (also known as Sonic the Hedgehog Presents: Princess Sally) is a three-issue Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics.



The Princess Sally comic was prompted by Sega to test the market for a new series of games (and possibly a new TV series) based around Sally as the main character. Due to this, the comic was well-delayed, as they continued to write and rewrite the story.

Although the comic had critical success, the comic met with little commercial reception. The comic was intended to draw more girls into the Sonic franchise but marketed in the same channels as was the main Sonic series, a "boys" comic. It was due to this perceived unpopularity that Archie writer Ken Penders took Sally out the comics in Sonic the Hedgehog #47 by killing her off although she was ultimately revived in Sonic the Hedgehog #50.


  • Ken Penders and Michael Gallagher had originally pitched two alternate storylines for the miniseries starring Princess Sally.
    • The first pitch revolved around an alternate origin for Alicia Acorn. Sally would discover that her mother was roboticized and was currently leading an underground civilization. Had the plot come to fruition, the Robian Alicia would've gone on to become a reoccurring threat to both the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Dr. Robotnik.
    • The second pitch involved Sally and Bunnie Rabbot doing a "Thelma and Louise" and heading off on a road trip to stop a threat that had come about on the other side of Mobius.


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