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Oh Chaos Emeralds, gems of miracles. Please heed my call. I wish to save this world. I wish to cleanse my father's sin. And I wish to talk to Sonic... once again!

— Princess Elise the Third, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Princess Elise the Third[2] (ソレアナ公女エリス3世 Soreana Kōjo Erisu 3-sei?, lit. "Princess Elise III of Soleanna") is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a human girl and the current sovereign of Soleanna, being the last surviving member of the once-great royal family that rules the city and its kingdom.[3] The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Soleanna, Elise grew up with a tragic past; at an early age, she lost her mother, and then her father when she was made the vessel for Iblis. Torn between her impetuous whims and duty, Elise rose to leadership with the mysterious heavy burden given by her father when he died: she could never let herself cry or Iblis would be released from within her.

Ten years after the loss of her father, Elise became the target of Dr. Eggman and Mephiles the Dark who separately sought her for Iblis who remained sealed within her. Coming to her rescue however was Sonic the Hedgehog who would save Elise multiple times and ultimately help free her from her heavy burden.


Elise is a remarkably tall young human girl who has very fair skin, short red hair, and light blue eyes. For attire, she wears white feather ornaments in her hair, dress and gloves. Her clothing consists of a off shoulder short white dress of short-puffed transparent sleeves with a transparent ruffle trim at the top, a large golden strap with black edges (which forms an "x") and white flowers on the chest, and white seamless repetitive rhombus and silver rhombus that have the Soleanna symbol at the end. She also wears long white evening gloves, silver earrings, a gem necklace, tan pantyhose, and red and silver high heels.

As a child, Elise wore an orange layered shirt of short-puffed sleeves with red and white triangle-patterned trims at the middle of them, and a pink transparent collar at the top of the shirt; orange puffy pants with red and white triangle-patterned trims at the end, a golden belt of black edges with a bow at the back, and red Mary Jane shoes.



Elise was born to the Duke and Duchess of Soleanna. Her mother died at some point when she was a child, an event that which saddened Elise deeply. The Duke conducted experiments on the Flame of Hope (aka Solaris), known as the "Solaris Project", to allow time travel to let Elise and her father to see her mother again, as well as allowing humanity to correct its past sins.

When Elise was seven years old, however, the project became unstable, the machine they were using exploded, and the flame was split into two villainous forms: Iblis, Solaris' raw power, and Mephiles, his conscious mind. Elise was present when the machine exploded but was protected by her father who used himself as a human shield to protect her from the worst of it, leaving himself mortally wounded in the process, though she was knocked unconscious. While unconscious, Elise was carried through the research facility by the Duke, searching for the parts of Solaris. The Duke eventually found Silver the Hedgehog, who had time-traveled with Chaos Control back to find out what had happened during the Solaris Project, who had paralyzed Iblis with his psychokinesis. With no other option other than allowing Iblis to run free, the Duke was forced to seal Iblis within Elise's soul, as only one of the royal family could contain this being and keep it at bay. Using his opportunity, the Duke used the silver Chaos Emerald in a ritual and succeeded in sealing Iblis within Elise. Elise, still being unconscious, was then entrusted to Silver by the Duke and told him take her to a safe place. In his dying words, Elise was told by her father to be brave and not to cry no matter what happens (as her tears and despair could release Iblis from within her) and to live happily.

Elise was then taken out of the laboratory by Silver, who left Elise nearby to wake up on her own while Shadow the Hedgehog left the Scepter of Darkness with her. Before Silver and Shadow returned to the present day, however Elise silently called out for her father in her daze. Silver then decided to give Elise his blue Chaos Emerald as a good luck charm, before leaving. During these events Elise managed to get a glimpse of Silver, who would remain in her memories for years to come.

Attack of Eggman and Meeting Sonic[]

Ten years later, Elise, now seventeen years old and sovereign of Soleanna as heir to the throne after her late father, and the denizens of Soleanna were celebrating the Festival of the Sun. While lighting the torch which appeared to be the main focus of the festival, Elise had a hallucination of Soleanna in flames, along with Iblis. As she snapped back to reality and continued with the festival, suddenly, the festival was attacked by Dr. Eggman. As Eggman was persuading Elise to come with him, however, Sonic the Hedgehog arrived (whom Elise mistook for Silver at first, due to his face having an uncanny resemblance) and he destroyed a few of Eggman's robots and escaped with her. As the pair made their getaway, Elise was confused and asked Sonic why he was helping her, but he merely said that he had "no special reason" for doing so. As Eggman sent a few more robots after them, Elise got captured by Eggman while Sonic was distracted fighting the robots, though Elise managed to give Sonic the Chaos Emerald that Silver had given her, before Eggman took off. As Elise was taken away, Sonic assured her that he would rescue her, and Elise responded that she knew he would.

Rescued and Recaptured[]

After her capture, Elise was brought to Eggman's base in Dusty Desert in the Egg Carrier where she was imprisoned. While being locked in her cell, Elise felt hopeless about her situation, but she tried to stay strong by recalling her father's words. Not long after her capture, however, Elise found Sonic arriving with Tails to save her, the hedgehog staying true to his words. Elise, who was happy to see Sonic, embraced Sonic and told him that she was so happy that he came. Unfortunately, their reunion was cut short, as Eggman arrived and unleashed his Egg Cerberus on them, which Sonic defeated.

Elise, Sonic, and Tails eventually managed to escape Eggman's base, but are then chased by a massive army of his robots. To escape, Tails created a diversion, allowing Sonic and Elise to escape unnoticed. As the duo got some distance from the robots, they arrived at some grassy plains, where they stopped. With the danger passed, Elise thanked Sonic for his help, but then noticed a wound on his arm. Sonic told her that was nothing serious, but Elise was not convinced and used a handkerchief to bandage Sonic's arm. After treating him, Elise apologized to Sonic for his injury, blaming herself for it, but Sonic merely told her to smile, which was all he needed. As they walked through the plains, Elise told Sonic more about the Flames of Disaster and Solaris, the deity that Soleanna worshiped, which was the primary reason that Eggman was after her. Elise then worried about what she could do to stop Eggman from unleashing Solaris' furious power, but suddenly found Sonic dragging her through the fields. Elise told Sonic that she could not run that fast, but Sonic told her not to worry and keep running, and Elise started to cheer up. After running through the field together with Sonic, Elise felt much better and Sonic gave her some advice to go by: "Nothing starts until you take action. If you have time to worry, then run." Afterwards, Elise was escorted back to the city by Sonic.

Upon their return to the city, they were attacked by Silver. Elise was captured by Eggman again in the confusion and was eventually brought to White Acropolis. When Sonic, accompanied by Tails and Knuckles, reaches Eggman's base, Eggman and Sonic negotiated a deal; if Sonic gave Eggman the Chaos Emerald that Elise had given him earlier, then Eggman would let Elise go. Sonic willingly (and somewhat reluctantly) did so, but, Eggman proved not to live up to his end of the bargain. and propels Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles into the distant future with his prototype time machine, much to Elise's horror and despair. Eggman assured her that Sonic and the gang were still alive as they had merely been transported to another time period, though he has no idea where or when they ended up. After Eggman finished gloating to Elise about his plans and left Elise to herself, she silently prayed for Sonic and his friends to be okay. Later, Elise took Sonic's earlier advice to heart and attempted to escape from Eggman's snowy mountain base on her own, and, with help from Amy, succeeded. When they return to the city, Amy gave Elise some advice on love, but Elise is captured by Eggman again when she returns to the castle.

Return of Sonic[]

Fortunately, Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails returned to the present via Chaos Control, and Sonic chased Eggman down again and saved Elise from an exploding train. As Sonic brought Elise to safety, she told Sonic with great joy that she knew he would be back.

Soon afterwards, Silver attacked them again, and Eggman captured Elise again while Sonic was preoccupied. Sonic managed to escape due to the timely arrival of Shadow and caught up to them. Elise, stating that she would rather die than be Eggman's prisoner again, fell off of Eggman's Egg Mobile in a desperate attempt to get away from him, but Sonic caught her just before she hit the ground, and ran with Sonic off into the Tropical Jungle in order to escape Eggman after he unleashed the Egg-Genesis on them. On their way Sonic told Elise to return to the castle, where she would be safe. When Elise showed visible depression at being told this, Sonic took a shortcut to a lake in the middle of the jungle, where Elise was fascinated by the area's beauty. Elise asked Sonic if he plans on leaving Soleanna once he defeated Eggman; he told her that he does but assured her that he would remember the city. Desperately fighting back tears in remembrance of her late father's warnings, Elise hugged Sonic in an emotional scene, who told her to smile once more as words of comfort.

Soon afterwards, however, Eggman returned, threatening to destroy the city unless Elise agreed to negotiate with him by four o'clock. Having witnessed and heard Eggman's ultimatum from the royal castle, Elise willingly surrendered to his demands in order to protect the city, and Eggman revealed his plans for the Flames of Disaster: he plans on using them to control time itself.

Elise is later seemingly killed when the Egg Carrier exploded due to an unstable engine, as well as Eggman (it's also implied that her death as well as the unstable engine is what resulted in Iblis' released in Silver's timeline), but Sonic and Silver used Chaos Control to go back in time and saved them both, as Sonic is able to board the Egg Carrier before it departed the hangar in Aquatic Base, thus confronting Eggman on the bridge as he discovered his ship was on the verge of destruction. Sonic and Elise jump across the exploding pieces of the Egg Carrier but fall short of solid ground and began to fall back towards the ocean; fortunately, the remains of the Egg Carrier then explode and propel them upwards. Elise and Sonic made it out unharmed, and then suddenly crack up laughing. Sonic then congratulated her for her smile.

Elise's Tears[]

As Sonic and Elise returned to the city after the events, Mephiles suddenly emerged from the ground, blinded them with his purple chaos emerald and impaled Sonic through his back with a beam of energy, killing him. Elise frantically attempted to revive him, but, upon realizing that he was dead, was unable to control her grief and cried, inadvertently breaking the seal on Iblis and allowing Mephiles to merge with him. After the game's cast is transported to a bizarre dimension, they discover Elise, cradling Sonic's head in her lap, and all mourned his passing. As everything seemed lost, however, Elise sensed Sonic's presence around them, signifying that he was not quite dead yet, and that they could use the Chaos Emeralds to resurrect him. While Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, and Silver all split up to gather the Chaos Emeralds, Elise looked after Sonic's body.


Elise reviving Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Once they managed to gather them as reality itself fell apart around them, Elise resurrected Sonic with a kiss and the Chaos Emerald's power, which also transformed him into Super Sonic. Exhausted from performing this miracle, Elise fell into Sonic's arms, who thanked her for saving him. Super Sonic, with Super Shadow and Super Silver then went into battle against Solaris, while Elise provided support from the sidelines. After Solaris is destroyed, Sonic and Elise were suddenly transported through another time vortex.

Just Smile[]

The pair eventually arrived in the Soleanna ten years ago, before the Solaris Project, where the Duke of Soleanna and a young Elise were observing Solaris, then only a tiny flame. After the Duke explained his plans for the flame and as they leave, Sonic and the present-day Elise arrive. Elise took the flame and told Sonic that if the flame was extinguished, it would result in her and Sonic never meeting. Overcome with despair, Elise began to cry and shouted that she did not care what happened to the rest of the world, only that she and Sonic would never meet. Sonic told Elise to just smile, meaning to accept life's ways for what they are and to go with the flow, even when things were not going satisfactorily. Elise considered this and, with tears in her eyes and a small smile, gently blew Solaris out from existence, thus erasing the whole game's events and happenings.

With this being done, time is reversed back to where the Festival of the Sun is taking place in Soleanna, except that Eggman did not come to abduct Elise since there was no so-called "Flames of Disaster" secret, though Sonic was still visiting the city. As the ceremony is taking place, Sonic rushes past the boat that Elise is on, and the "wind" of his rapid pace caused one of the feathers in Elise's hair to detach. After staring in wonder at the floating detached feather for a while, one of her maids' comments that it was probably just the wind that gushed by. Elise acknowledges this but stated that this "wind" felt familiar somehow and smiled. Elise then returned to the festival, unaware that Sonic kept a close eye on her the whole time.

Other game appearances[]

Sonic Rivals 2[]

In Sonic Rivals 2, Elise appears on collectible cards:

Image Card Number Card Challenge Unlocked
Sonic Rivals 2 - Card Collection 139 139 Elise (child) Find all Chao in Zone 6 Act 3 N/A
Sonic Rivals 2 - Card Collection 140 140 Princess Elise Get the High Score in Zone 1 Act 1 N/A


Elise is very kind-hearted, sweet, loving, and genuinely cares about her country and its citizens, being willing to give herself up to Eggman in order to protect them from the doctor. She is well aware of her role as a monarch and does her best to stand as a worthy and exemplary princess. Behind her formal facade, however, Elise is like any typical confused and anxious young woman. The loss of her parents left Elise with much grief and sorrow, but she always tried to stay strong due to her father's words. When Iblis was later sealed inside her, Elise forced herself to never cry, as her tears would free Iblis from within her. This trapped her in a perpetual state of fake optimism where she would try to make light of her fate, but in reality, she always carried sadness that she could never let go of, leaving her trapped in her own feelings.

During her adventures with Sonic, she becomes quite attached to the heroic hedgehog, the latter is hinted at in her first conversation with Amy, where she is visibly flustered and embarrassed when Amy asked her if he (not knowing that it was Sonic) had asked her out on a date and later where she desperately fights back tears when Sonic reveals that he plans of departing the city once he thwarted Eggman's plans. It is eventually Sonic's presence that makes Elise truly happy for the first time since her father's death, allowing her to get out of her own captivity.

Despite her genuine love for her people, Elise wishes to be able to make herself happy with her own desires coming first as she hesitates to blow out the flame of Solaris, since it would mean she would never meet Sonic, who gave her so much happiness. However, Sonic's words of encouragement and her own knowledge of what is right win out in the end and she blows out the flame.

Possibly as a side effect of the ritual that was used to seal Iblis within her body, Elise, at times, seems to possess a small degree of mental instability, as shown when she hallucinates Soleanna in flames during the Festival of the Sun and sees a vision of Silver surrounded by flames upon meeting Sonic for the first time.

Powers and abilities[]

Elise has some sort of unspecified supernatural ability which is manifested as a hidden power,[4] though it is unknown if it is a side effect from having Iblis sealed inside her or it is a power of her own. When she and Sonic are together, Elise can join her hidden power with Sonic's to form a protective barrier around them. She also possesses a degree of spiritual awareness (even after Iblis was released from her) as demonstrated when she was able to sense the presence of Sonic's spirit around them and later Solaris' consciousness.

After Solaris was erased from existence, it is unknown if Elise has retained any of her supernatural powers.


Duke of Soleanna[]

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Nothing starts until you take action. If you've have time to worry, then run!

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
STH2006 SN Nice smile 11

Elise and Sonic laughing together, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Elise's most prominent relationship was with Sonic the Hedgehog. She formed a close friendship to him. Mephiles used this as an advantage, and killed Sonic, making Elise cry and freeing Iblis. She revived Sonic with the Chaos Emeralds, kissing him as he awakens as Super Sonic. After the defeat of Solaris, Elise and Sonic found the Flames of Disaster in its frail, core form. She theorizes that by putting out the flame now, Solaris will have never existed, which will make it so that she will never have met Sonic in this adventure. Elise nearly breaks down and declares that she does not care what happens to the world, but Sonic simply reminds her to smile, convincing her to be brave and blow out the Flames of Disaster. This event instantly results in a time reboot. At the end of the game, Sonic watches the Festival of the Sun in the distance as Elise senses something familiar about his presence.

Amy Rose[]

I'll go, too! Because it's for Sonic! So Elise... Watch over him!

Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
STH2006 SL Elise and Amy's discussion of love 15

Elise with Amy, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Elise found a good friend in Amy Rose. The two first met when Amy rescued her from Eggman's base then escorted and saved her from the robots that were chasing her. Amy gave Elise some advice on love and told her that she had a good chance with Sonic (though she did not know that Elise cared for Sonic as well), saying, "Look, you're a Princess and you're super cute. That guy's the lucky one!" Amy also comforted her in the Last Story of the game.

Silver the Hedgehog[]

Focus your thoughts on using its power to perform this miracle... You can do it, princess!

Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
STH2006 SL The Talisman 4

Elise given a Chaos Emerald by Silver, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Elise met Silver the Hedgehog when he traveled to the past to investigate the Solaris Project. Silver watched how Solaris was separated into Mephiles and Iblis and was also the only witness of the Duke of Soleanna, Elise's father, sealing Iblis into her body. Silver promises to the dying Duke that he would take his daughter to a safer place. Silver then returned to the present, but not before giving Elise the blue Chaos Emerald he had, telling her to keep it as a lucky charm. While their interaction in the present day is brief, it is still important, as it is through Silver's words of encouragement that Elise is convinced to use the Chaos Emeralds to bring Sonic back to life.

During the Otherworld Incident, Silver and Elise meet once more. Elise is struggling to perform her ice skating routine as the music reminds her of her beloved late parents. Silver then arrives, as a world famous ice skating coach, to aid her and gifts his blue pendant to her as a 'lucky charm'. The two practice for an upcoming ice skating tournament, with Silver's kindness kindling Elise's courage to be able to perform her routine. When Elise becomes saddened after failing a trick, he encourages the princess by telling her that all her efforts are going towards the future. The two perform their routine perfectly on the night and share a moment after the event where Elise returns his pendant and recalls his advise from earlier that her efforts are leading towards the future, causing the duo to exchange a laugh.[5]

Once the pair have both regained their memories when the Phantom Ruby and its control have been destroyed, Elise is seen laughing and teasing Silver in his inability to pick up on the subtle hints Amy had been dropping pertaining to her outfit choices with Blaze. When he still doesn't pick up on the hints, Elise is amused at just how little he understands it. [6]

Dr. Eggman[]

I would rather die than be your prisoner again!

— Princess Elise to Doctor Eggman. from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Elise falling backward off the Egg Mobile to escape Dr. Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Elise first encountered Dr. Eggman during the Festival of the Sun, who had kidnapped her to use the Flames of Disaster which was currently sealed inside her soul. While initially scared of Eggman, Elise eventually seemingly started growing a hatred for him, judging by how she attempts to kill herself to avoid being with him, only to be rescued by Sonic. Over the course of the game, Eggman consistently kidnaps Elise to complete his goals of achieving Solaris, only to be constantly foiled by Sonic, or Elise simply escaping on her own. Despite this dispute, Elise and Eggman would team up during the End of the World to save Sonic and defeat the now complete Solaris.




While Sonic '06 was widely panned as a whole, one of the most notorious criticisms was the relationship between Sonic and Elise, some even accusing Sonic Team of supporting bestiality (when a person is in a romantic relationship with an animal).[7] Kotaku deeply criticized the kiss Elise gives to Sonic before he resurrects, calling it an unnecessary addition to justify a hedgehog "hooking up" with a human woman.[8]

GamesRadar+ video game critics labelled Sonic and Elise's relationship as one of the worst moments of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, comparing their romance to that of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala from the Star Wars saga, another controversial couple among pop culture fans.[9] They later listed their relationship as one of the eight "wrongest romances in video games", opining that it was nasty enough to vomit.[10]

When asked about this controversy in an interview with GameSpy, Lacey Chabert stated: "Ha! No, you're just being silly. It's not an inappropriate relationship. Let's just say Sonic and Princess Elise have an attraction for each other."[7]

In other media[]

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]

Elise Profile Image

Princess Elise, from The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia.

Princess Elise exists in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is implied to have met Sonic sometime during the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline but she never appeared in the comics in person.

Much like in the game, Princess Elise is the ruler of Soleanna, a settlement for humans and overlanders. Ten years prior to the current storyline, Elise had Iblis sealed inside her. In the present, Elise had Iblis freed from her by Mephiles after he killed Sonic the Hedgehog. Following Solaris' defeat, Elise and a revived Sonic went back in time, and the princess ensured that Solaris never came to exist.


"We give thanks for the blessed flames. May we always continue to have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light..."
—Elise's thanks to Soleanna's sun god before lighting up the eternal flame.
"Umm... why are you helping me?"
—Asking Sonic why is he helping her.
"I have no words to express how grateful I am for your help..."
—Elise glad after Sonic saved her.
"You're hurt!"
—After noticing Sonic's wounded arm.
"The name of the sun god our country honors is Solaris... It is told that Solaris's rage would destroy the world. His wrath comes in the form of the Flames of Disaster. 10 years ago we almost faced the full force of his fury..."
—Elise tells Sonic about Solaris.
"I knew it... I knew you'd return! You had to!"
—Elise to Sonic after he returns from the future.
"I would rather die than be your prisoner again!"
—Elise to Eggman when he kidnapped her again.
"It isn't sometimes, but I love this country. Everyone in the castle, the children, all my citizens really... The same love my late father and mother had..."
—Elise to Sonic she loves living in Soleanna while being its ruler isn't an easy job.
"I cannot allow harm to come to my people."
—Elise when she witnesses Eggman's ultimatum.
"You have given me so many things. Now it is my time to return the favor. I care not what happens to me. But please heed my voice. Sonic, come back! To me... to us!"
—Elise resurrecting Sonic.
"I don't care what happens to the world!"
—Elise hesitating to blow out Solaris's flame.
"It felt like someone was calling me..."
—Elise feeling Sonic's presence after the time loop.
"Of course...But it felt so...familiar somehow..."
—Elise smiling at the comforting feeling of Sonic's presence.

Theme songs[]


  • In Sega's internal spreadsheet for the game, there are character profiles written in corresponding English and Japanese that talk about their personalities and some of their origins. In the end of Elise's English profile emphasizing her role in the story, it says: "On one side, she is a prim and proper princess, but on the other, she is a typical confused and anxious 17-year-old girk[sic] She tries to make light of her fate, but her encounter with Sonic is what shall truly set her soul free."[11]
    • Elise's early name was "Oliga", according to the leaked script and Juan Solis's blog.[12] According to scenario writer Shiro Maekawa, the name was based on that of Russian singer Origa, and he wanted to project the princess's transparency and true strength within her in his own way.[13] The name was changed because according to a foreign sales person, a Russian woman's name would not be accepted in the West because of its stout and harsh impression. Later, upon closer inspection, he found the name Oliga among European princesses, and was furious twice when he found out that what he was told was just a personal impression.[14]
  • Elise's English voice actor was originally Veronica Taylor, until she was replaced by Lacey Chabert.[15][16]
  • Elise is carried by Sonic through the levels of Tropical Jungle and Dusty Desert in Sonic's story. However, Dusty Desert is played without her on Very Hard Mode for Sonic.
  • Elise has some similarities with Christopher Thorndyke from Sonic X:
    • Both are lonely human youths who bonded with Sonic, but ultimately have to say goodbye to him for the sake of the world.
      • However, Elise (on a smaller extent when compared to Amy) had sort of a romantic crush on Sonic, whereas Chris only liked Sonic as a friend.
    • Both have short hair and blue eyes.
    • Both are in works written by Kiyoko Yoshimura.


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