Princess Alucion is a character that appears in the French Sonic Adventures comic. She is an orange-furred anthropomorphic echidna and the leader of an echidna-only populated city in a forbidden Zone. She possesses the Grey Emerald in her crown, an object sought by Dr. Robotnik.


Princess Alucion is an anthropomorphic echidna with a round head and torso, through her torso is slightly smaller than her head. She possesses peach skin with orange fur on her head and neck-long dreadlock-like quills hanging from the back of her head. She also has a pointy snout with a black nose, large connected eyes with black pupils and eyelashes, along with thin arms and legs. For attire, she prominently wears a large orange-feathered crown with a golden rim and the Grey Emerald embedded in the center. She also wears a strapless dress with black leopard spots, yellow mittens with a pair of spikes on her knuckles, and orange shoes with long yellow cuffs and grey buckles.


At some point in her life, Alucion got into the possession of the Grey Emerald, and ascended to leadership of her city of echidnas. As their ruler, she would wear the Grey Emerald in the crown on her head.

One day, Alucion was brought two prisoners, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails, who had entered their hidden city by her people. Deciding to have Sonic and Tails executed for intruding on their home, Alucion brought them to some slides that would take them on a voyage through their city to appreciate their architecture before they would be dropped into a lava pool. Alucion was about to send Sonic down the slide first when Dr. Robotnik and his Badnik hordes attacked the city, and Alucion was forced down the slide by Sonic to avoid a missile. Before she could fall into the lava pool however, Alucion was caught by Robotnik in his Egg Mobile when he discovered she had the Grey Emerald.[1]

As Alucion was taken away, Sonic and Tails attempted to save her, but Robotnik made Sonic and Amy Rose fall into a volcano. When Robotnik then tried to take the Grey Emerald from Alucion, she bit his hand restraining her which let her escape by jumping into the volcano. Inside it, Alucion fled to the safety of the Special Stage through a golden ring where she witnessed Sonic clear the Special Stage. Impressed by Sonic's performance, she gave him the seven magic Emeralds, the golden armor and the ability to be transported wherever he wants, as a reward.[1]


Princess Alucion is savage in nature like her people, but much more formal and restrained. She does not take kindly to intruders in her city and will have them executed without concerns and even shows a sadistic joy about it.[1]

Alucion takes a limited interest in people as seen when she did not want to hear Sonic and Tails' names when they were brought before her, though she wants people to know her title and her kingdom and the respect that follows with it. However, she takes a liking to people that show courage and praises those that can prove themselves as great warriors.[1]

Alucion is very protective of the Grey Emerald, biting Robotnik in his hand when he tried to take it. She also has a interesting way of walking; instead of walking like normal people, she bounces instead.[1]


Sonic the Hedgehog

When Alucion first met Sonic the Hedgehog, she was not very interested in him and wanted him executed for entering their forbidden city. Regardless, she took a liking to Sonic when she witnessed his unyielding courage in the face of mortal peril (as well as his blue color) and therefore chose to execute him first. When she later saw Sonic clear the Special Stage with a score higher than even her greatest warriors, she applauded him and gave him the seven magic Emeralds, the golden armor and the ability to be transported wherever he wants, as a reward, having apparently chosen to forgive his crimes.[1]


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