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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Princess Alicia Acorn (born day 186, 3220), formerly known as Anti-Sally, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Sally Acorn. Originally a member of the Anti-Freedom Fighters and the girlfriend of Scourge the Hedgehog (aka Evil Sonic). Alicia left him when the group believed Evil Sonic lacked effective leadership skills. When Evil Sonic, partially transformed and now going by the name of Scourge, returned to Anti-Mobius, Alicia once again became subservient to him, joining the new Suppression Squad. She participated in the invasion of Mobius Prime along with the rest of the Suppression Squad.


Alicia "Anti Sally" Acorn has had a variety of appearances throughout her history. For the most part, she is very similar in appearance to her counterpart Sally, with the same colored fur, hair, and eyes. When first described by Scourge, she was shown with black hair and pink fur, much like Sally at the time. She also wore a red tunic-like uniform with black boots In her first encounter with the Freedom Fighters, she wore black sunglasses similar to the ones favored by Evil Sonic at the time. She retained her black boots, but adopted a black jumpsuit in place of the uniform.

Alicia's later appearances featured a new uniform, a gray-blue one with white and gold trimming, though at times it appears completely gray. Like Sally, she also grew her hair long, though Alicia's appeared shaggy and unkempt as opposed to Sally's. Of all the Suppression Squad members, she went through the least in differentiating herself from her Prime counterpart, as Sally had cut her hair short by the time of the changes.



While on Mobius Prime, it was Dr. Robotnik who threw Sally's father King Max into the Void, Anti-Sally and Evil Sonic did this to King Acorn themselves, which, in the course of their relationship, regard this ghastly deed as "good times". From this point, Anti-Sally and Evil Sonic led their gang of Anti-Freedom Fighters against the kindly Dr. Julian Kintobor, taking over and effectively trashing their version of Mobotropolis and constantly trying to find a way to breach Kintobor's shielded HQ.

Encounters with Mobius Prime

The encounters between Alicia and their Mobius Prime counterparts began originally when, following Sonic the Hedgehog's first encounter with Evil Sonic, Anti-Sally and the other Anti-Freedom Fighters journeyed to Mobius Prime in a plot to discredit their counterparts by impersonating them and making trouble in Knothole. While the plan initially proceeded well, their counterparts, the Knothole Freedom Fighters, soon realized what was going on and battled with the Anti-Freedom Fighters, ultimately defeating them and sending them back to their dimension.

Shifting Alliance

For failing to defeat the Knothole Freedom Fighters during their incursion, Anti-Sally and the others believed Evil Sonic's failure was due to the fact that he was no longer able to properly lead. Tired of failure, and Anti-Sally unable to tolerate his laziness, she broke up with him and the group abandoned Evil Sonic, with the Anti-Freedom Fighters having Anti-Geoffrey St. John become their new leader and Anti-Sally's new boyfriend. Shortly thereafter, when his own plans failed miserably, Anti-Sally cast aside her relationship with him and took direct command of the Anti-Freedom Fighters herself. Apart from battling Kintobor, Anti-Sally was also eager to try and kill Evil Sonic, but an attempt to do so got herself thrown into toxic waters inhabited by dangerous creatures called "Octopods", along with Anti-Bunnie Rabbot.

The Suppresion Squad

Anti-Sally survived, however, and remained with the group until Scourge the Hedgehog (no longer called Evil Sonic) and his new girlfriend Fiona Fox arrived on Anti-Mobius via Warp Ring. Scourge conquered the planet, on his own, in a matter of days, subverting royal leadership and crowning himself king of Anti-Mobius (or "Moebius" as he now called it) and Fiona his queen. Alicia and the group were then taken over by Scourge, reformed and restyled into the Suppression Squad. While the others were loyal to Scourge, Anti-Sally, renaming herself as Alicia, bitter at not being leader, held utter contempt for him leading once again and especially Fiona, refusing to take orders from her unless forced. Nevertheless, Alicia took part in the daring invasion of Freedom HQ, where she brought her counterpart up to speed while battling her, before the Freedom Fighters were forced to retreat, leaving Alicia and the Squad (temporarily) victorious.


Alicia telling Miles who is actually in "charge" of things.

Afterward, Alicia and the others followed through on Miles' plan to get rid of Scourge with the help of the Freedom Fighters. Despite this, she was kicked by Scourge and defeated. It was only until Sonic's arrival that their true plan was revealed: To send both Sonic and Scourge to Moebius, and to seal their escape, at least until Scourge was beaten.

However, the Suppression Squad and the Freedom Fighters went to Moebius and found Scourge in his super form. During the battle, Scourge grabbed Alicia and told her if she wanted her throne so badly she could have it, tossing her forcefully into the throne chair. Following Super Scourge's eventual defeat by Sonic, Alicia and Miles wandered through the halls of Castle Acorn discussing their potential plans for the future. When Miles mentioned her right to be ruler, Alicia responded that while she may be the figurehead ruler, they both knew who held the real power, to which Miles grinned.


Like her counterpart, Alicia possesses a talent for leadership, but uses ruthlessness and other negative aspects to maintain her position as leader. While Sally is compassionate, Alicia is a sadist in every way, and is an especially vicious member of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, though became much more calm and controlled when part of the Suppression Squad, focusing her emotions in combat.

Powers and abilities

Alicia has been shown to have hand-to-hand combat prowess similar to Sally's, though she also utilizes a whip in battle.


Alicia uses a whip as her main weapon.


  • Her name is Sally's middle name.




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