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Prince Catalus from Sonic the Comic #31. Art by Casanovas and John M. Burns.

Prince Catalus is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a goblin who is the younger brother of Queen Vulpecula Huntar of Castle Morbidden in the north of the Nameless Zone. He resents taking orders from his sister, particularly when she sends him on errands that she would never perform herself. Vulpecula's rat adviser Liemould considers him to be untrustworthy.


Vulpecula sent Prince Catalus to capture some foxes so that she could hunt them in the castle. Catalus, along with three other goblins (including Grack), travelled south and successfully kidnapped Jimmy and Jilly from a fox village.[1]

Catalus intended to return these foxes to Castle Morbidden, as ordered, but kill them before the Queen could hunt them, thus depriving her of the satisfaction.[2] To this end he convinced the young cubs that he was their friend (even letting them play with his sword) and that he was taking them to play "hide and seek" with the queen. He claimed that he would hide them so well that the queen would never find them, which they thought was a funny joke. Although Tails remained more suspicious when he caught up with them in his attempt to rescue the cubs, Jimmy and Jilly convinced him to play along.

At Castle Morbidden, Catalus delivered the three foxes to the queen, then left in order to "make sure the corridors are clear" for the hunt.[3] In fact, he prepared an ambush for the foxes. When they sought out the "secret hiding place" that he had mentioned earlier, he tried to kill them, but they managed to escape.[2]


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