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For the Priest in Sonic Unleashed, please see Gregorios.

Priests are characters that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are religious human residents of Soleanna who serve as the guardians of the ancient castle of Kingdom Valley, shielding the area from those who are not worthy of the royal family. The primary role of the priests is to set challenges for anyone who wishes to enter the castle, testing people on their intelligence, courage, sense of love, sense of friendship, memory, and strength of heart before granting them access.



In Sonic's story, three of these priests give Sonic his final three Town Missions. The Bishop, a religious man from Castle Town, takes him to a sacred entryway in the Forest where the priests are waiting in front of Kingdom Valley castle. In order to enter the castle, Sonic must conquer three trials which the priests give to him:


Similarly, in Silver's story, the three priests give Silver his final three Town Missions. He is sent to the Forest by the Bishop, where the priests provide him with his own preliminary trials for entering Kingdom Valley:

  • The Test of Friendship: Silver must demonstrate how much he values his friends by defeating Iblis and Mephiles monsters and freeing Blaze from a cage.
  • The Test of Memory: Silver must prove his memory by correctly saying what comes to mind when certain phrases from his past are uttered.
  • The Test of Heart: Silver must prove the strength of his heart by defeating all of Eggman's robots with no objects in the area to use psychokinesis on.



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