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The Pri Ma Djinn[1] is a character that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a type of humanoid djinn breed which only appears in Party Mode.


The Pri Ma Djinns are little over a meter tall and similar to humans in anatomy, except they have thick forearms, mitten-like hands, a short neck, a cartoonish face, and flappy ears. They also have a gem embedded in their chest and drawings across their bodies in different shapes: those on their forearms resemble flames and those on their chest resemble a shirt. As attire, they wear baggy pants, shoes with curved toes, wrist bands, and a waist sash. They also appear to wear a close-skin cap and keep their hair in a small knot.

The Pri Ma Djinns come in two color variants: one has light blue skin with dark blue markings, a yellow gem, dark blue hair and pants, and regular blue and light blue shoes, while the other has beige skin with brown markings, a rose gem, brown hair, purple pants, and orange and purple shoes.


The Pri Ma Djinns are only encountered during some of the mini-games in the Party Mode, where they serve as both guides and gameplay elements. The mini-games they appear and the roles they have include:

  • Genie's Lair: Pri Ma Djinns will pop out of bobby-trapped chest and induce different drawbacks to the player.
  • Hold it! Treasure Haul: A blue Pri Ma Djinn shows how to shovel gold coins from a pile and what happens if the giant Kri Ma Djinn is disturbed.
  • Pull on it! Carpet: The player has to pull out a carpet from underneath a brown Pri Ma Djinn without making it fall down; if it does, it will temporally immobilize the player.
  • Aye, aye Captain! Pirate Flag: A blue Pri Ma Djinn will wave a flag around and the player has to mimic it.
  • Fire! Marksman: A blue Pri Ma Djinn shows which target to hit.
  • Hit it! Home Run: A blue Pri Ma Djinn shows how to play the game.
  • Spike! Fruit Catch: A Pri Ma Djinn shows how to skewer fruit with a rapier.
  • Hit it! Parasol Ball: A blue Pri Ma Djinn shows how to play the game.
  • Grab it! Kri Ma Djinn: A blue Pri Ma Djinn shows how to catch falling Kri Ma Djinns.
  • Play! Violin: A brown Pri Ma Djinn plays the violin and the player has to mimic it.

Powers and abilities

As genies, the Pri Ma Djinns are able to retract their entire bodies into confined spaces and emerge in a puff of smoke. They are also capable of levitation and has aerokinetic abilities that let them stir up whirlwinds.


  • The "Ma Djinn" in the Pri Ma Djinns' name is pronounced "Majin" in Japanese, which also means "demon person." Also, the first part of their name, Pri Ma, is a reference to the lead dancer of a ballet, a prima donna.


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