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The President (大統領 Daitouryou?), also known as Mr. President, is a character the appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. He is a bearded and constantly nervous man who governs South Island and lives in the capital with his daughter Sara.


He is first seen as Robotnik's hostage along with Sara. He begs Sonic to do whatever Eggman says for the sake of his daughter. Once Eggman tells everyone the story about Metal Robotnik, and wants Sonic to stop the robot generator, the President begs Sonic to do it to save South Island and the entire Planet Freedom. He is seen again, while Eggman and Sara are playing a fighting video game. After that, the Metal Robotnik machine comes in, with the President shocked. Sara and Eggman get into the machine and leave. The President then yells "No stop! Come back Sara!"

He is not seen again for awhile until he sees complete destruction outside his window. He thought it was the work of Metal Robotnik, until he saw through a video screen that it was Hyper Metal Sonic, which he thought was the real Sonic. He called Sonic's house, and he sees the Old Man Owl dancing, until Knuckles talks to the President, telling him about Metal and what he was going to do. He is seen again during the final fight with Metal where he is trapped in his ship, everyone tries to save him, until the ship collapses. Everyone thought he was dead, until they saw that Metal saved him and the Old Man Owl. The President is last seen at the end of the movie with all the main characters, when Eggman had Sonic's DNA to make an even stronger Metal, until it was destroyed by a turtle missile. Once Sonic and his friends runs away, the President, Sara, Old Man, and Eggman chase them.


  • His design may be based off Alex Kidd. Sega's mascot before Sonic the Hedgehog.



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