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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see President (Archie).

The President is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was a human and the political leader of the United Federation.


Early interactions with Mobius

After the incident involving Chaos's attack on Station Square, the President took on the affairs of dealing with outside forces such as the Kingdom of Acorn. When Shadow the Hedgehog stole the city's Chaos Emerald, everyone believed Sonic the Hedgehog to be responsible. He hired the bounty hunter and spy Rouge the Bat to retrieve the stolen Chaos Emerald while sending G.U.N. agents to apprehend the suspected thief.[1]

After it was discovered to be Shadow and the issue was resolved, the President later improved political relations with the Mobians. When a large number of Overlander refugees were rescued from Robotropolis, it was discovered they were incompatible to live among to Mobians. Thus, Sally Acorn proposed a trade to the President - all tactical and biographical information pertaining to Dr. Eggman in exchange for taking in the refugees. The President at first declined the offer, but it was soon revealed that this decision was due to the Dragon Zan's constant attacks on the city, which made it unsafe for the Overlanders. The President agreed to accept the refugees if Sonic managed to stop Zan.[2] The Knothole Freedom Fighters allied with G.U.N.'s Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 and the groups managed to put an end to Zan's menace.[3]

A short time later, due to the information provided on Dr. Eggman, Station Square's O.T.I.S. defense system switched its priority from defensive to offensive, and launched three nuclear missiles at Robotropolis. The President contacted Knothole immediately to warn them of the nuclear strike.[4]

President 01

The President hires Sonic for his help, from Sonic the Hedgehog #116.

Some time later, Station Square's satellites discovered that Dr. Eggman had established a new base in the ruins of Old Megaopolis after Robotropolis had been destroyed by Station Square's nuclear strike. The President hired Rouge the Bat once again to destroy the base, but after she arrived in Old Megaopolis, contact with her ceased. Thus, the President once again hired the help of Sonic to rescue Rouge and destroy Eggman's new facility.[5]

Shortly before the Xorda's arrival and attack, Dr. Eggman attempted to negotiate with the President about a long-term alliance. When the President flatly refused, it appeared as though his driver Corbin began driving into the oncoming lane. However, Dr. Eggman revealed he was in fact controlling the President's vehicle via remote control, and sent his car off the bridge for the President's refusal of an alliance. The President was rescued by Rouge before the car fell into the water, but the Xorda began their attack shortly afterwards, resulting in the President being injured.[6] Following the Xorda's retreat, the President attended the funeral of the presumed-dead Sonic.[7]

After the Xorda

During Sonic's year-long absence from Mobius, the President increased political ties with the Kingdom of Acorn. With Sonic no longer present, Dr. Eggman created the Eggman Empire and formally declared war on the Kingdom of Acorn and United Federation. Upon Sonic's return to Mobius, the President contacted Knothole and informed them that G.U.N. suggested a pre-emptive strike against the Eggman Empire to put an end to the threat of atomic strike. Queen Alicia immediately denounced the plan, saying too many would perish, to which the President responded that G.U.N. was calling it collateral damage. The transmission was cut off soon afterwards by Dr. Eggman, who informed Sonic and the others of his plans.[8]

Despite attempts by Commander Hugo Brass to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against Old Megaopolis and prevent Dr. Eggman from launching his nuclear warheads, the President refused to make an order unless the Eggman Empire's missiles were already airborne. Instead, he ordered Commander Brass to dispatch an expedition force of G.U.N. troops to aid the defense at Fort Acorn. He also attached his personal agent Rouge the Bat to the group.[9]

The President later hired the Chaotix to investigate the new casino opened in Station Square by Renfield T. Rodent. After discovering the casino was a front for Eggman's Auto Automaton factory, Renfield was taken into custody to stand trial in Station Square; the President personally thanking the Chaotix.[10]

When Dr. Eggman and his forces attacked Central City in an attempt to find his traitorous lackey, Snively Robotnik, Shadow and Rouge accompanied in evacuating the President in order to ensure his safety, while G.U.N. retaliated with against the Eggman Empire. The empire left the city after finding out that Snively had left.[11]

Note: From this point, the President's history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


  • The President is based on the character of the same name who debuted in Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Prior to the introduction of the United Federation, Station Square was the only known human settlement on Mobius. As a result, the current writers consistently had the President located in Station Square. When Ian Flynn introduced the United Federation, he also relocated the human capital to Central City, which also became the President's main residency.

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