Prelate-V is a Prelate created by Enerjak in an alternate future reality. Prelate-V was created from the Core of an alternate reality counterpart of Vector the Crocodile. Under Enerjak's directive, this Prelate traveled to Onyx Island in the alternate zone of 3437 P.X.E. Upon analyzing Silver the Hedgehog, V attacked him with its lasers and when that failed, tried to crush him under some buildings. Once the hedgehog counterattacked, Prelate-V retreated and tried to lure him into a trap, only to be struck from behind by the Guardian Edmund and then pinned by a dumpster with Silver's telekinesis, knocking it offline. After rebooting and recieving new orders to return, it caught them off-guard by knocking the dumpster away and created a portal which it passed through back to its native zone. Seeing that Silver followed it, Prelate-V resumed the attack on its pursuer with the aid of five other Chaotix-based Prelates, overwhelming him. When an attempt to crush Silver failed, V and the others gave pursuit, but were distracted by the Freedom Fighters. V itself was soon disintegrated down to its core with an energy blast from Payback Fox. Prelate-V was later resummoned by Enerjak to battle the rebels again after their base was leveled and began targeting Demo Duck, destroying his bombs as he threw them. (SU: #25, #26)


  • When Prelate-V is formed from his core and fires his eye-lasers, he makes a sound similar to Vector's name: "VEKT!"

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