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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Quotation1 VEKT! Quotation2
— Prelate-V

Prelate-V is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is the Prelate form of Vector the Crocodile from the Dark Mobius timeline.


Prelate-V core

The core of Prelate-V.

Prelate-V is the Prelate incarnation of Vector the Crocodile. Thus, this Prelate has the same body design as Vector, but the coloring and skin tone was changed to be mostly gray, with its eyes, heels, wrists, and underbelly being colored green. Prelate-V was surrounded by a strong green aura.

As a Core, Prelate-V appears as a green sphere.



Upon his capture by Knuckles (under the form as Enerjak), Vector was transformed into a core and thus, was formed into Prelate-V.[1]

Fractured Mirror

Prelate-V was sent by Enerjak to Onyx Island in an alternate timeline. The Prelate spotted Silver the Hedgehog and ambushed the hedgehog. The two proceeded to brawl until Edmund subdued the Prelate. Prelate-V would soon reactivate and activate a Warp Ring, attempting to flee and return back to its world. However, Silver with the orange Time Stone pursued Prelate-V but was ambushed by Prelate-V with the Chaotix-based Prelates. Prelate-V and the other Prelates proceeded to attack Silver[2] Fortunately, the Dark Freedom Fighters came to aid Silver during this ambush, with Payback Fox absorbing the laser vision energy from Prelate-V and using it right back at the Prelate, destroying it and leaving it only with its core.[3]

However, once Enerjak found Silver and the Dark Freedom Fighters, he sent out Prelate-V and the other Prelate Chaotix members to fight a "fair fight" for Enerjak.[3] Prelate-V had went up against the Freedom Fighters before being destroyed by Jani-Ca. As a core, Silver kept Prelate-V's core and the other Prelate Chaotix cores until Enerjak attacked the heroes once more, stealing the cores.[4] As Silver and Enerjak engaged conflict, Enerjak managed to gain enough time to dispel all of his Prelate army–Prelate-V included–to overwhelm the remaining resistance, Silver and Jani-Ca. Jani-Ca decided to take care of the Prelates with her Sword of Light while Silver dealt with Enerjak. Prelate-V was subsequently defeated once more and returned as a core, this time being the final time as Jani-Ca and Silver had subdued Enerjak.[5]

Powers and abilities

  • Prelate-V using its laser vision.
  • Prelate-V manipulating a Warp Ring.

Prelate-V possesses the ability of laser vision, allowing it to shoot green lasers from its eyes. It is powerful enough to split buildings in half.[2] It is also capable of climbing on walls and punching heavy blocks at ease.[2]

Prelate-V also possesses the ability of Warp Ring manipulation, as seen when it escapes from Silver from their first encounter.[2]


  • When Prelate-V makes a noise, it screeches "VEKT!" This is an obvious reference to the character (Vector the Crocodile) it originates from.



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