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Enables the use of the Power skill.

— Description, Sonic Free Riders

Power Skill is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an Extreme Gear Gear Part that enables the rider to smash obstacles and barricades in the rider's path.


Power Skill is an installable performance-enhancing component for Extreme Gears. Its actual appearance is unknown, though it is presented as an icon on the head-up display in the top-left corner of the game screen. Its icon is a dark red-colored circle with the image of a red fist inscribed in it. In the game, Power Skill is a customizable Gear Part that can only be attached to Board type Extreme Gears. It is one of the Gear Parts that can be used from the start of the game.

When Power Skill is in use, the player can perform alternating punches via Kinect controls of the game to cause their character to punch, creating small white shockwaves in the air that extend a small distance from them. Any obstacles and barricades in the vicinity will be destroyed. When active, a red engine is seen hovering behind the Extreme Gear and while riding, the Extreme Gear emits a low-pitched sound.

If Power Skill is installed into the front slot, it becomes active in gameplay once the race begins. If installed into the rear slot, however, the player can activate, and as well deactivate, Power Skill by switching stance by turning his/her body around due to the Kinect controls of the game.

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