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The Power Ring is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. They are golden rings invented by Sir Charles Hedgehog for his nephew Sonic the Hedgehog to boost his power. Following Dr. Robotnik's takeover, the Power Rings became a vital tool in the Freedom Fighters's war against the dictator.


The Rings are golden glowing bands about the size of a basket ball in diameter. No one knows for sure how Power Rings work except their creator, Sir Charles Hedgehog, though they appear to be highly condensed forms of energy.[1] Their power does not last very long though,[2] and they seemingly dissolve afterwards.

When in the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, he can draw upon their power to temporarily make himself more powerful, drastically increasing both his speed and strength. Additionally, Power Rings can be used to counter some of the effects of roboticization; their passive power can temporarily restore the free will of roboticized victims[3] and by projecting their power they can counter a Roboticizer.[4] Because Charles made them only for his nephew though, no one can truly use their power except Sonic.[5]


Power Ring in progress

A Power Ring being created.

Prior to his roboticization, Sir Charles Hedgehog invented the Power Rings for his nephew Sonic the Hedgehog to battle villains.[5] Using the energies of his own creation, the Power Rock, Charles created a machine that would generate a new Power Ring every twenty-fourth hour (this would later be decreased to every twelfth hour).[2][5] This machine was placed in the Lake of Rings near Knothole Village which the Freedom Fighters would frequently visit to harvest Power Rings for Sonic to use against Dr. Robotnik following his takeover. If no one is there to catch a Power Ring when it emerges, it would sink back underwater and presumably dissolve.

The Power Rings proved instrumental in the Knothole Freedom Fighters' war with Robotnik, often providing Sonic with the power needed to turn the tides of nearly any situation.


  • Sometimes, the Power Rings give off an atomic charge when Sonic uses them.




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