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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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Power Glyphs (or simply Glyphs) are objects that appear in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are a set of nine powerful relics, possibly from the Ancients, which can be collected in the game and equipped to the playable characters to improve their abilities.


Power Glyph

The nine Power Glyphs on the selection screen

The Power Glyphs resemble ancient stone tablets, each with their own unique coloration and glowing patterns engraved on them.


In gameplay, the player can equip a Power Glyph to a playable characters in the menu at any time to grant them a special power. This includes improving the damaging power for certain attacks, increasing or granting additional rewards, and more. The player only receives one of each Power Glyph, but each can be equipped to multiple characters.

To obtain Power Glyphs, the player must complete the side-quest given by the NPCs in the game (except for Foreman Fred's which is obligatory). The player will then be given a Power Glyph of their choice. Characters with Power Glyphs include:

List of Power Glyphs

Icon Name Description
Fastball Special Fastball Special Increases damage of enemies thrown with the Enerbeam!
Risk Taker Risk Taker Increases damage when rings are low!
Speedy Charge Speedy Charge Reduces time to unleash a charged Special attack!
Double Jackpot Double Jackpot Doubles the size of Jackpot bonuses from stunned enemies!
Bubble Shield Power Glyph Bubble Shield Spawns a one-hit Shield that appears at zero rings!
Ground Pound Ground Pound Increases the size of the Stomp attack!
Double Trouble Double Trouble Treasure Minions drop two weapons instead of one!
Big Bang Big Bang Defeating enemies creates additional explostions!
Glass Jaw Glass Jaw Makes it easier to earn a Jackpot bonus from defeating stunned enemies!

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