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Comes in three colours. Collect these to Level-Up the corresponding character.

— Description, Sonic Heroes[1]

The Power Core[1] (パワーコア[2] Pawākoa?) is an Item Box power-up that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Upon obtaining this power-up, the player receives one Power Core.


Blue core.png
Yellow core.png
Red core.png

The icon used to represent the Power Core on Item Boxes or when this power-up is obtained resembles a black cube with round corners, a white frame, and the illustration of a Power Core in the center. The color of the icon's Power Core (which can be either blue, yellow or red) depends on the type of Power Core it grants.


In the gameplay of Sonic Heroes, when obtaining a Power Core power-up, the player's team of playable characters receive a Power Core, which upgrades the playable character's set of skills. The Power Core power-up comes in three different variants, one for each of the three different variants of Power Cores that are valuable in the game: blue for Speed Type characters, yellow for Fly Type characters and red for Power Type characters. Which Power Core the individual Power Core power-up grants is illustrated by the color of the icon depicted on the Item Box.

Aside from Item Boxes and Floating Item Boxes, the player can also obtain Power Core power-ups from Check Points. In this instances, depending on which character is the leader, the appropriate Power Core power-up will be given to that leader.


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