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Port Mobius is a location that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. It is one of the few port towns on the planet Mobius.


The Sonic Underground was instructed to visit Port Mobius and meet with "Queen Aleena", not realizing that the message referred to the Queen Aleena showboat (captained by Freedom Fighter Captain Squeege) and not their missing mother. While in Port Mobius, Sonic was forced to face his fear of water. He also befriended the whale known as Moby Deep.[1]

When Dr. Robotnik began terrorizing Mobius with his new Fortress of Altitude, he attempted to destroy Port Mobius for defying him. Before he could, however, Sleet and Dingo, fearing that Robotnik may have them roboticized for outliving their usefulness, betrayed him by taking the Chaos Emerald from the Fortress' energy chamber, causing it to sink into the ocean, thus relieving Port Mobius from destruction.[2]


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