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The Porker Metallix from Sonic the Comic #68. Art by Richard Elson.

The Porker Metallix is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a Metallix robot, built in the form of Porker Lewis. It possessed a synthetic skin, allowing it to perfectly imitate Porker's appearance and voice.


After Porker Lewis became stranded on the Miracle Planet for a month (between its appearances over Never Lake on Mobius),[1] the Brotherhood of Metallix were able to capture Porker and take over the Miracle Planet. They were able to hide the fact that they had cyber-formed the Miracle Planet by means of an energy screen, that made it seem (from outside) that the planet was still lush and green.[2]

When the Miracle Planet next reappeared, the Brotherhood sent the Porker Metallix down the chain to Mobius to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and thus prevent Sonic from interfering with their plans.[3] The Porker Metallix met Sonic on the chain, impersonating Porker, and attempted to convince him that he (Porker) was unharmed. They returned together back to the surface of Mobius, where Sonic helped the newly arrived Chaotix Crew to defeat some Troopers.[2] In the battle, the Porker Metallix's arm was scratched, but he managed to conceal it.[3]

Chaotix believed that the Brotherhood of Metallix were using the Miracle Planet as a base, and the Omni-Viewer was able to deactivate the energy screen and reveal the true state of the Miracle Planet.[2] Sonic led "Porker" and the Chaotix up the chain, but halfway up he noticed the scratch on "Porker's" arm, and realized that he was an imposter.

Shedding its disguise, the Porker Metallix battled both Sonic and Chaotix. He knocked Sonic off the chain (to be caught by Charmy Bee), over-powered the super-strong Mighty, and shrugged off the sneak-attack of Espio the Chameleon. He attempted to end the fight quickly, by charging up his death ray and killing them all, however he was hit by Sonic's Spin Attack, which caused the blaster to over-load. Moments before it exploded, Vector and Mighty used a set of Link-Rings to knock the Porker Metallix clear of the chain, so that it exploded at a safe distance.[3]

Powers and abilities

The Porker Metallix possessed all the powers of a Metallix, including a death ray built on its arm, rockets on the bottom of its feet that allowed flight, and possessed extendable limbs. It was strong enough to match the combined forces of Sonic the Hedgehog and Chaotix in a fight.[3]


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