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STC Porker2

Porker Lewis.

Porker Lewis (originally called Oscar the Pig) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a pink pig with blue eyes, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He was originally little more than a helpless pig that Sonic freed from Badniks (and was the only Sonic character besides Sonic himself to appear in the first issue of the comic). However, he was quickly adapted into the technical expert of the Freedom Fighters.


It was later revealed that Porker had originally come from the Special Zone, where he was originally called Oscar. The crime lord Hammerhead had duped him into making a powerful bomb and after sabotaging it, he was forced to flee from both the police and an irate Hammerhead, finding a portal to Mobius and changing his name.[1]


Porker Lewis from his first appearance, in Sonic the Comic #1.

Once on Mobius, he resided in the Emerald Hill Zone and became a friend of Sonic. He had the dubious honour of being one of the first Mobians turned into Badniks (specifically a Moto Bug),[2] something that happened on at least one other occasion (this time in a Batbrain).[3] Porker was picked (along with Tails and Johnny Lightfoot) to accompany Sonic into the Special Zone to hear the story about how Sonic became blue and how Doctor Robotnik was created from the Omni-Viewer.[4] This proved to be something of a mixed blessing, as the four heroes were transported six months into the future of Mobius, where Robotnik had taken control of the planet.[5] Porker was therefore one of the founding members of the Freedom Fighters, albeit an extremely timid one.[6] Porker joined Sonic on some missions, for instance to the Casino Night Zone, where he was instrumental in destroying Robotnik's Hypnosis Beam-emitting statue.[7]

The most prominent character development Porker saw was his encounter with the Brotherhood of Metallix, whereupon he found himself spending a month aboard the Miracle Planet as the Brotherhood's prisoner.[8] Porker suffered a nervous breakdown as a result and left the Freedom Fighters to go live in the Mushroom Hill Zone.[9] He made sporadic appearances helping Knuckles with the ancient technology on the Floating Island, occasionally being drawn into situations such as a raid by high-tech thieves on the island. After Robotnik was deposed, Porker would occasionally assist Sonic and the gang again, most notably against Chaos.

Robotnik Reigns Supreme

When Doctor Robotnik became all-powerful by absorbing the power of the Chaos Emeralds, he rewrote history so that Sonic the Hedgehog had never existed. In this alternate reality, Porker still went by the name of Oscar the Pig, and without Sonic, never had a hero to look up to and give him courage, and thus became Robotnik's most devoted slave and the leader of his Death Squad out of fear.[10]



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