Quotation1.svg Bonded character takes less damage from enemy attacks and spreads the remaining damage evenly among other team members. Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Pooki is a unique-level Chao originally meant to appear in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It is one of the Viral Chao.


When bonded with a character, it will shorten the damage the bonded character takes from an enemy, while distributing the remaining damage evenly with his or her teammates. Additionally, the bonded character damage stat is increased by two. Pooki is a ninja-like Chao with a red eye mask.


  • Pooki was never officially distributed in any events, though his code was avaliable via the Japanese Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood website for players to use. However, only the Japanese version of the game can use the code.
  • Upon using a game-altering device, Pooki's description is too long for the game screen to display fully.


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