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Poloy Forest

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Poloy Forest (ポロイのもり Poroi no mori?) is the first stage in the Sega Game Gear video game, Tails Adventure. It is located on Cocoa Island.



Miles "Tails" Prower was sleeping on his island home of Cocoa Island one day until a mysterious ship from the Battle Bird Armada (or the "Battle Kukku Army") firebombed the forest in search for the Chaos Emeralds. Because of this, Tails went off and decided to stop the evil birds.


As the name states, Poloy Forest is a forest that spreads through the west part of Cocoa Island. However, as the Battle Bird Armada had bombed the place, the forest was set on fire during the events of the game. Fire can be seen in the background, as well as chopped-off tree stumps. The grass at Poloy Forest are now dead as seen in the game level, as well. Giant tress to where Tails and the Battle Kukku soldiers can fight in are also seen in the forest. Cave networks are shown in the level, as well, but the Battle Kukku Soldiers are occupying those entrances.


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Poloy Forest Boss

Tails facing the Kukku Walker.

Kukku Walker is the first boss of Tails Adventure and the boss for Poloy Forest. In the third segment of Poloy Forest, Tails will go up a series of steps made from tree branches and will eventually get up to the tree top. This tree top holds the first boss of the game, Kukku Walker. Kukku Walker's attack pattern is simple: the boss will crouch down and spew a series of fireballs to Tails. This attack can only be avoided via Tails' Heli-Tails ability. At times, the Kukku Walker will also walk to Tails while spewing fireballs. It takes ten bombs to defeat Kukku Walker.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Poloy Forest Kojiro Mikusa 1:19
Tails Adventure (GG) - 09 - Poloy Forest
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