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Tails Adventure
Poloy Forest

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Poloy Forest (ポロイのもり[1] Poroi no mori?) is the first stage in the Sega Game Gear video game, Tails Adventure. It is located on Cocoa Island.


As the name states, Poloy Forest is a forest that spreads through the west part of Cocoa Island. However, as the Battle Bird Armada had bombed the place, the forest was set on fire during the events of the game. Fire can be seen in the background, as well as chopped-off tree stumps. The grass at Poloy Forest is now dead as seen in the game level, as well. Giant tress to where Tails and the Battle Kukku soldiers can fight in are also seen in the forest. Cave networks are shown in the level, as well, but the Battle Kukku Soldiers are occupying those entrances.


Miles "Tails" Prower was sleeping in the shade of the Poloy Forest one day until a mysterious ship from the Battle Kukku Empire appeared, setting the Poloy Forest alight and deploying several Kukkus in search of the Chaos Emeralds. Tails soon awoke, and learning of the invasion from a Flicky, set off to stop the invading birds.[2]



Poloy Forest is divided into three segments, each of which must be passed sequentially in order to complete the level. The first segment begins with several tree stumps and Spike pits that the player must leap over, after which they enter into a small tunnel, which leads to a treetop climb, eventually leading the player to the bottom of a shaft which can be followed to the end of the segment. The second segment begins with a crumbling bridge that the player must quickly cross, and a second bridge with a gap in the middle and a wind current, preventing the player from flying over it. The gap in the bridge leads down to a pit full of spikes separated by stumps, a route allowing the player to return to the bridge, and a hidden entrance to Caron Forest that can only be opened using the Napalm Bomb. Following the gapped bridge, the path continues, splitting into two smaller paths, one subterranean and guarded by multiple Rock Throwing Combatants, while the other is located higher up and also serves as the location of the Red Chaos Emerald. Regardless of which path is chosen, they both eventually lead to the end of the segment. The third and final segment is the smallest of the three, featuring no enemies, alternate pathways, or damaging obstacles. Rather, the player starts outside a large hollow tree, and after a short climb is deposited in the boss arena.

Items to pick up in Poloy Forest include:

Spark; Speed Boots; Radio; Red Chaos Emerald; Remote Robot


Main article: Bird Walker

Tails facing the Bird Walker.

The Bird Walker is the first boss of Tails Adventure and the boss for Poloy Forest. In the third segment of Poloy Forest, Tails will go up a series of steps made from tree branches and will eventually leave the tree and enter a plane that holds the first boss of the game, the Bird Walker. The Bird Walker's attack pattern is simple: the boss will crouch down and spew a series of fireballs to Tails. This attack can only be avoided by flying or crouching. At times, the Bird Walker will also walk to Tails while spewing fireballs. It takes ten bombs to defeat Bird Walker.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Poloy Forest Kojiro Mikusa 1:19


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