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Polo is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic bear and the leader of either the Southern or Eastern Freedom Fighters.[1]


Polo is an anthropomorphic bear with blue eyes and a brown fur coat. He also possesses beige fur on his muzzle, belly and tail. Fir attire, he wears a black belt with suspenders that have green handbags attached to it. He also wears gray kneepads.


TV series

Season two

Polo eventually answered Lupe's call and came to Knothole Village. There, he formed an alliance with the other Freedom Fighter groups to stop Dr. Robotnik's Doomsday Project.[2]

On night afterward, Polo came to Knothole when he received information from Sally that Dr. Robotnik had started the Doomsday Project. As a part of their plan to distract Robotnik, Polo and Dirk followed Ari and Lupe on Dulcy's back in a Hover Unit to the Doomsday Machine. Once above Robotnik's base, they proceeded to drop mannequins equipped with parachutes above the base to distract Robotnik's forces. Polo and Dirk later landed on the Doomsday Machine themselves, but were quickly detected and arrested by Swat-Bots. After Sonic and Sally used the power of the Deep Power Stones and began destroying the Doomsday Machine however, Polo, Dirk, Ari and Lupe escaped captivity and fled to a Hover Unit, which they used to fly away in. Afterward, they appeared in Knothole to celebrate the defeat of Dr. Robotnik.[1]


A true Freedom Fighter, Polo is dedicated to the ideals and causes that he and his comrades are fighting for.[2] He is also disciplined and focused on his missions.[1]

Powers and abilities

As the leader of his Freedom Fighter group, Polo presumably possesses some leadership qualities. He is also a capable pilot, being able to pilot Hover Units.[1]





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