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Polly Mountain (ポリポリ山 Pori Pori Yama?, lit. "Polly Polly Mountain") is the third and eighth level in Tails Adventure for the Sega Game Gear. Tails explores the windswept peaks in Polly Mountain 1 (ポリポリ山1 Pori Pori Yama 1?, lit. "Polly Polly Mountain 1") and the pitch-black inner caves in Polly Mountain 2 (ポリポリ山2 Pori Pori Yama 2?, lit. "Polly Polly Mountain 2"). Unlike most levels in Tails Adventure, Polly Mountain is not one that you have to keep coming back to as new items open up new routes; Tails can clean both iterations of the mountain out first time.


Polly Mountain 1 and Polly Mountain 2 don't really share much beyond name and geography. The level design is entirely different in each case, as are the bag of tricks Tails needs to employ in order to get through.

Polly Mountain 1


Speedy, the Kukku crown prince

Sneaking up from the fiery depths of Volcanic Tunnel, Tails first accesses the mountain chain from below, popping out amongst the exterior peaks from the cave system that riddles Cocoa Island. While the Battle Bird Armada had only sent their remote robots into the deep underground, here helmeted birds run back and forth lobbing bombs amidst the caverns. And predictably, there's a lot more Kukkus soaring around the eyries of the mountain chain.

Clawing and flying his way past the pyrotechnic birds and the mountains' unpredictable winds, Tails eventually finds himself pitted against "Speedy", the 16th Battle Kukku (and son of the present ruler, the 15th). The boss fight is actually no more than a survival challenge, as Tails has no means of injuring Speedy; the two simply dodge and dive at each other as they ascend to the highest peak of the mountain range. At which point Speedy promptly gives up and goes home; but not before dropping the Pink Chaos Emerald.

Items to pick up in Polly Mountain 1 include:

Helmet; Power Glove; Knuckles (punch); Pink Chaos Emerald

Polly Mountain 2

Polly Mountain 2 is underground and pitch black, meaning tails has to use the Night Vision item to see. In addition, lava is abundant in this act.

Items to pick up in Polly Mountain 2 include:

Item Radar; Fang; Large Bomb


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Polly Mountain Kojiro Mikusa 1:45
Tails Adventure (GG) - 11 - Polly Mt. 1

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