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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Police officers are the primary law enforcement of Earth, mostly seen in the Sonic X anime series.



New World Saga

The police officers come when Sonic arrives in their dimension. They attempt to capture him and take him to the station, but Sonic resists. So the police try various attempts to capture him. The attempts failed, so they try to put up a roadblock, but Sonic jumps over the whole roadblock. Eventually, they call in Sam Speed and the Speed Team to catch Sonic.[1]

Later on, the officers have formed a roadblock to stop E-23 Missile Wrist from advancing into Station Square. They attempt to shoot Missile Wrist, but their small caliber bullets do nothing to Missile Wrist's armor, boring Eggman. Then a officer throws fire on the robot with a flamethrower, but that proves ineffective, leaving the officers to try and be spared by Eggman by surrendering, but he attacks them anyway. A large group then gathers at the foot of a building Eggman and Missile Wrist get on top of so Eggman can make his formal introduction and intention to conquer Station Square for his Eggman Empire. The police chief tries to demand Dr. Eggman to surrender, but Missile Wrist fires his grapple rocket into one of the police cars and the chief has to summon the mayor of Station Square to try and negotiate with Eggman. It fails: Missile Wrist shoots a building, covering the officers, the Mayor, and police chief with dust and debris, leaving them to admit that they still won't surrender due to Station Square's charter.[2]

Mister Stewart calls the police telling them a robot is holding his students hostage. A officer gets onto it and meets Mister Stewart in front of the school gate. He sees that the robot is getting along with the students and that there is no need to arrest him. Mister Stewart grabs his hamburger and the officer attempts to arrest the man by chasing him. Later on, Mister Stewart eats the officer's hamburger and he chases him attempting to get it back.[3]

Chaos Emerald Saga

When Sonic decides to forego a meeting with the President to take Helen on a trip, the President's advisor, Jerome Wise, has the police dispatched to try and capture Sonic alongside G.U.N., but Sonic manages to escape the pursuing cruisers and helicopters. Two police officers on a car decide to have lunch so they do not catch him.

Later on, when Sonic is racing Sam Speed, Sam uses his connections with the S.S.P.D. to allow him to take a shortcut in the race to take the lead over Sonic. In the end, he is still defeated by Sonic.

Chaos Saga

When Eggman launches an attack on Station Square with Chaos, the police try to hold Chaos off, but their gunfire is ineffective against the liquid creature, and it easily tears through the engines of their cruisers with ease. Later on, Knuckles arrives at Casinopolis to find the police having cordoned off the area due to something smashing into the casino. When Knuckles discovers it to be a shard of the shattered Master Emerald, the police allow him to keep it, and Knuckles asks that they let him know when another one shows up. They are unable to do much when Perfect Chaos launches his flooding of Station Square and everyone evacuates to higher ground to avoid the flood waters.

Shadow Saga

The helicopters and police cars arrive with G.U.N. robots at the scene and arrest Sonic, believing him to be the hedgehog responsible for causing trouble at Station Square.[4]

Egg Moon Saga

The police officers try to arrest Sonic when it is discovered he is destroying the Mirror Towers providing power to Eggman's Sunshine Balls, but fail.[5]

Emerl Saga

The Police officers try to arrest Decoe and Bocoe during the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up, but they escape and the officers chase after them.[6]


  • Police officers also appeared briefly in the beginning in Sonic Adventure, where they attempt to shoot at Chaos 0.


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