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Pochacamac is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was an anthropomorphic echidna and the spiritual leader of the Echidna Empire who righteously led his people in the war against the Drakon Empire for control of the Chaos Emeralds 8,000 years ago.


Pochacamac lived when the Drakon Empire arrived on Mobius and took of the echidnas' sacred emerald mines to finds emeralds to serve as ideal vessels for their invented chaos energy, thus creating the Chaos Emeralds. To keep the Drakons from syphoning the chaos energy into thousands of emeralds to conquer the galaxy, Pochacamac led his men against the Drakon and managed to recaptured the Chaos Emeralds, sparking a conflict with the Drakons.[1][2]

At some point, Pochacamac had a vision of a future champion named Sonic the Hedgehog who would become the sworn enemy of the Drakon. Two days after stealing the Chaos Emeralds, he and Tikal transported Sonic into their time to help them fight the Drakons. When Tikal brought Sonic to Pochacamac, the echidna leader promised Sonic that he would get his answers soon and showed the Chaos Emeralds.[2] Shortly after, they came under attack from the Drakons. Needing to hurry with his plan to negotiate for a peaceful compromise with a Drakon Prosecutor whom Sonic and Knuckles had captured, Pochacamac insisted to Sonic that they had to wait with explanations, but was convinced to tell him everything now.[3]

After explaining, Pochacamac tried to have the Drakon Prosecutor deliver a message so their sides could discuss peacefully. However, the Drakon forces attacked Megaopolis City, and Pochacamac called in reinforcements. In the insuring battle, the Chaos Emeralds were struck by an energy beam, causing the captured Drakon Prosecutor to be doused in chaos energy and transforming him into Chaos.[3] As Chaos was about to kill Sonic, Pochacamac harnessed a proportion of the Emeralds' power and used it to send Sonic back to his time while draining Chaos' power enough for Knuckles to take care of it.[1]

After driving the Drakons out of Megaopolis City, Tikal worried about Sonic well-being, but Pochacamac insisted that sending him back was the only way to save him. As Knuckles thought about the future, Pochacamac reminded him that they were now in a war that would determine the fate of the Echidnas.[1]


Pochacamac was a wise and benevolent rule, and had a strong relationship with his daughter. Though he was willingly to wage war for the greater good, he would also look for resolve conflicts peacefully.[3]

Powers and abilities

As a special ability running through his family, Pochacamac is gifted with the power of precognition, allowing him to make out misty visions of things that has yet to occur, even those thousands of years into the future.[3]

Pochacamac is able to harness and manipulate chaos energy with enough skill to send someone through time and drain others of chaos energy.[1]


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