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Not to be confused with Teleporter (object).

Player Swap[1] (テレポーターのみ[2] Terepōtā nomi?, lit. "Teleporter only"), also referred to as Swap (入れ替え[3] Irekae?), Teleporter [4] (テレポテーション[5] Terepotēshon?, lit. "Teleportation") and Teleport, is an Item Box power-up that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Typically only appearing in the games' multiplayer mode, it can swap players' positions.


The Player Swap's icon on the Item Boxes containing them varies in design, though it generally features an orange and blue arrow.

This power-up only appears in the multiplayer mode of the respective games it appears in. Upon breaking the Player Swap's monitor, the screen flashes white for second. When the light fades, the playable characters in multiplayer mode switch places in the Zone they are currently in. In addition, any power-ups a character might be carrying (Shield, Bubble Shield, Lightning Shield, Fire Shield, Power Sneakers or Invincible) are transferred to the opponent. However, objects like Rings and other statistics remain untouched. Player Swap will not affect players that have already reached the goal and it will have no effect if there is only one player that has not reached the goal yet.

This power-up is extremely useful for the trailing players, and disadvantageous for the leading player. However, it can still be picked up accidentally by breaking a Random monitor.

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Teleport Monitor.png

Player Swap first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 under the name "Teleporter" in manuals[4] (テレポテーション[5] Terepotēshon?, lit. "Teleportation") or Teleport in-game. The monitors in the game that contain this power-up are marked with a yellow-framed icon that depicts a blue arrow and an orange arrow pointing at opposite horizontal directions.

In this game, the Teleport power-ups are exclusive to the game's "2 Player VS" competition. Also, in the game's Options, the player may select to have Random monitors only give Teleport power-ups in 2 Player VS (although once a player reaches the goal, the Random monitors will give Invincible instead of Teleport for the other player).

Using Debug Mode will allow the player to gain access to a Teleport monitor even in 1P Player. Breaking a Teleport monitor in 1P Player has no effect, but the bright screen animation sequence and sound effect will still trigger.

Sonic Advance 3


In Sonic Advance 3, this power-up is referred to as Swap (入れ替え[3] Irekae?) in Japanese material. The Boxes that contain this power-up are marked with a red icon that depicts two white arrows circling around each other.

In this game, the Swap power-ups are exclusive to the game's Multi-Pak Battle (the multiplayer mode of Sonic Advance 3). During gameplay in this mode, the Boxes cycle through the power-ups available, including Swap.

Sonic Mania

Similar looking Swap icon.png

In Sonic Mania, and its expansion Sonic Mania Plus, this power-up is referred to as "Player Swap"[1] (テレポーターのみ[2] Terepōtā nomi?, lit. "Teleporter only"). The Item Boxes in the games that contain this power-up are marked with a yellow-framed icon that depicts a blue and orange icon following each other around in a circle.

In these games, Player Swap power-ups appear first and foremost in the games' Competition mode. However, they only appear in this mode's Zones if the players enable the "Random" feature (which produce Random power-ups throughout the mode that provide Player Swaps) or "Teleporter Only" (which replaces all monitor power-ups throughout the mode with Player Swap power-ups) in the game rules before a match. If the last player that has not reached the goal uses a Player Swap, the user's screen still flashes but a buzzer sound effect plays while doing nothing.

If more than two players are playing Competition mode in Sonic Mania Plus, Player Swap will teleport each player to the next player number's location. In 3-Player Competition, Player 1 teleports to Player 2's location, Player 2 teleports to Player 3's location and Player 3 teleports to Player 1's location. In 4-Player Competition, Player 1 teleports to Player 2's location, Player 2 teleports to Player 3's location, Player 3 teleports to Player 4's location and Player 4 teleports to Player 1's location. If one of the players has already reached the goal, they will be unaffected by Player Swap. For example, if, in a 4-Player Competition, Player 3 reaches the goal first, then Player 1 will teleport to Player 2's location, Player 2 to Player 4's, and Player 4 teleports to Player 1's location while Player 3 is unaffected.

The Player Swaps also appear in the regular Zones in Sonic Mania Plus's Encore Mode. In this mode however, the Player Swap works differently; instead of switching places with another character in the Zone, the Player Swap causes the player's current playable character to be swapped out with another one in the player's current party. However, if there are less than three characters in the player's party, Player Swap will yield no effect when obtained.

A glitch on the PC version of the game allows the player to use Debug Mode to set a Random Item Box in regular Zones too.[6]


  • In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the player can have Tails achieve Super Sonic's abilities during 2 Player Vs using Player Swap. First, the player must have collected all of the Chaos Emeralds and then cause the game to be over by either losing all their lives or finishing the game. By choosing Options, the player then selects 2P from there to access 2 Player Vs. (Doing this will keep all of the Chaos Emeralds collected from the previous playthrough thus allowing Sonic to transform into Super Sonic in 2P Player Vs albeit a slightly glitched sprite). Once Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and hits a Player Swap power-up monitor, Tails will now have stars around him indicating he is invincible and he can move as fast as Super Sonic.
  • In Sonic Mania, the Player Swap uses the same icon from their monitors that Swap used in Knuckles' Chaotix.


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