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Plastic-X[1] is a substance that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is the material that the Plax are made of.


Plastic-X is green in color and has been described as "living plastic",[1] possessing a cellular structure.[2] The substance can be molded into any shape and cannot be harmed by any conventional means. While Plastic-X can be melted down, its properties do not change with its change in state.[2]

Plastic-X is what gives the Plax, who are all made of this substance, their shapeshifting and nearly invulnerable bodies.[1] Their hive-mind is such in tune with the Plastic-X that several Plax can reform themselves even after having all their cells mixed into one mass.[2]


On Shanazar, the Plax attempted to mine a mineral known as Magnaz in order to power their factories in order to create more Plastic-X, and in turn create more members of their race.[1]


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