The Plasma Pulse Attack (プラズマ・パルス・アタック Purazuma Parusu Atakku?)[1] is an attack used by Metal Sonic, first seen in Knuckles' Chaotix. It is an energy wave that Metal Sonic fires from his chest engine. Metal Sonic obtained this attack after his CPU was recovered by Dr. Robotnik from his previous defeat by Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]


When Metal Sonic is performing the Plasma Pulse Attack, he charges up energy in the compression chamber inside his torso before firing a highly powerful energy wave from his chest engine.

Game appearances

Knuckles' Chaotix

Optional move I guess

Plasma Pulse Attack used by Metal Sonic.

According to the Japanese manual of Knuckles' Chaotix, Dr. Robotnik recovered Metal Sonic's CPU prior to the events of the game. While constructing a replacement body for Metal Sonic using Dark Ring energy, Dr. Robotnik provided an additional component for Metal Sonic that enabled him to perform the Plasma Pulse Attack. In this game, the Plasma Pulse Attack's laser flashes orange and yellow.[1]

In gameplay, Metal Sonic appears and uses either this move or the V. Maximum Overdrive Attack on the player if he/she stands in one place for one minute in certain Stages and Acts. If this happens, the Combi partner will be temporarily lost. The final boss can also perform a massive variant of the Plasma Pulse Attack. After sixteen hits and losing both arms, it will utilize the Plasma Pulse attack. When loading the Plasma Pulse Attack here, it will first try to pull back from the player's distance before firing the laser. However, the laser from the Plasma Pulse Attack can only be aimed horizontally, meaning the player is able to move below the laser wave, but he/she has to avoid using a Spin Jump, which can lead to getting hit by Plasma Pulse Attack.

Sonic the Fighters

Deaths eye 2

Metal Sonic using the Metal Laser in Sonic the Fighters.

In Sonic the Fighters, Metal Sonic is also able to utilize the Plasma Pulse Attack under the name Metal Laser. In the game, it is a unique projectile that Metal Sonic will fire after raising its hands in the air and can deal devastating damage to the opponent.


  • No information about the Plasma Pulse Attack has ever been mentioned in the Western story summary of the game; in fact, Metal Sonic is not even mentioned in the instruction manual of Knuckles' Chaotix.
  • Mecha Sonic's Super State in Sonic & Knuckles has a similar ability to shoot sparkling projectiles from its compression chamber at Knuckles during their final battle.


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