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Pinball Match is a multiplayer stage for the Ring Race mode in Sonic Heroes. When playing through all of the Ring Race stages, Pinball Match is the second stage played in order.


The two teams will compete against each other to collect more Rings than the other in a pinball table (hence its name) taken from Casino Park in single-player mode. Both players will mainly need to rely on their luck on this stage as the slot machines on the pinball table will be the only source of Rings (and the loss of Rings), and will also need to be able to stay on the pinball table for the entire duration as they may eventually fall off the table, losing all of their Rings. If all the characters of the player's team fall off the stage, they can activate Team Blast (given that its gauge is full) when they respawn back at the starting location. 

The winner of this round is the player who ends up with more Rings than the other player when time runs out. 



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