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Team Sonic Racing
Pinball Highway

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Pinball Highway is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is based off the track of the same name from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.


Pinball Highway is a racetrack traveling through a casino, with coins and chips everywhere. In the background are also floating grandstands with cheering Chao on them, huge and brightly lit skyscrapers, colossal roulette wheels, stacks of giant dices, and roads whose architecture reflects the elements from a real pinball table.


On this route's giant pinball table are a number of unique obstacles. Firstly, there are the giant bumpers that can bounce the racers off-course if they collide with them. Secondly, there are the giant pinballs that can bounce off the bumpers. These pinballs can literally flatten the racers, causing them to lose Rings and be slowed down temporarily.

Blue casino-bunny Egg Pawns can also be found along this track, which can be destroyed with Wisp power-ups or Power-Type characters. If anyone else besides a Power-Type character collides with an Egg Pawn, they will take damage and spin out temporarily.


Map of Pinball Highway.

Pinball Highway is a complicated route. It starts out at the start/finish line, in front of a rounded entrance to a small glasstube tunnel. Once the race begins, the player heads through this tunnel. After passing through it, they will enter a slightly winding road segments before having to make several turns to the left. After these leftward turns, the road will lead to a round arena that has a huge, flying dice encapsulated in a ball in the center of the arena. Upon arriving at this arena, the player has to circle around the giant dice and then head up the straight, rising route that lies behind the giant dice. From there, the road will eventually lead the player into a tunnel in the shape of a tube, which turns to the left all the time.

After exiting the tube, the player will arrive on a rather wide and large road that is designed like a giant pinball table. Here, the player has to watch out for the giant bumpers and pinballs. At the end of this pinball table, the player will head up a curving road until they are upside-down. Soon after though, the road will twist around itself, causing the racers to drive upside-up again. From there, the road will change into that of a green poker table that turns sharply to the right. After that, the road becomes a red carpet and will begin turning to the left for a while, before straightening out and lead right to the finish line. However, on this final stretch, the player has to watch out for a blue casino-bunny Egg Pawn that is standing on the road.

Pinball Highway also has its own mirror image version of it where the left and right sides are interchanged.


The Classic Sonic easter egg sprite, from Team Sonic Racing.

  • A hidden sprite of running Classic Sonic can be seen by on top of purple roof.[1]


Promotional screenshots


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Pinball Highway: Intro Fly-by" SEGA / Jun Senoue & TORIENA 0:16
"Pinball Highway: Lap Music" SEGA / Jun Senoue & TORIENA 2:06
"Pinball Highway: Final Lap" SEGA / Jun Senoue & TORIENA 1:01
"Pinball Highway: Goal" SEGA / Jun Senoue & TORIENA 0:12



Team Sonic Racing Pinball Highway (Chao) 1080 HD

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