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The Pilot Combatant[1] is an enemy that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an anthropomorphic bird foot soldier and the bomber pilots of the Battle Kukku Empire.


Pilot Combatants are small humanoid birds. They have large and sharp orange beaks and a white plumage. Their large head is covered by orange round helmets and black goggles.



In Tails Adventure, Pilot Combatants appear as regular enemies. They are encountered during the air strike section in Battle Fortress 1,

In gameplay, Pilot Combatants will appear from either the left or right side of the screen, which depends on the direction the Sea Fox is facing. They can appear either alone on in groups of two. When appearing, they will attack by shooting bullets straight ahead of them while they come swooping back upward. Some may also come swooping in from the top of the screen. Regardless, the Pilot Combatants can easily be destroyed in one hit with any of the weapons available to the Sea Fox. Alternatively, the player can ram them with the Sea Fox in order to destroy them, although the Sea Fox will take damage this way too.

Like several other enemies in Tails Adventure, the Pilot Combatants may drop a Ring upon being defeated, although these Rings are very difficult to get due to them falling off the screen shortly after being dropped by the Pilot Combatants.

Powers and abilities

The Pilot Combatants are skilled aerial pilots.


Pilot Combatants use small air fighters armed with guns which they use for aerial combat.



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