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The pillar[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It is a natural post that blocks paths in adventure levels. Alternatively, it can be used as a platform.


Pillars are generally cylinder-shaped posts with an icon of Amy's Hammer hovering in front of them. When moving, they spin around themselves. Their exact design depends on the level:

  • Kodiak Frontier: Pillars here are thick ice cylinders.
  • Seaside Island: Pillars here resemble brown tiki statues.
  • Paleo Tarpits: Pillars here are dinosaur spines made of Vertebras.
  • Cutthroat Cove: Pillars in the first two adventure levels resemble cut tree trunks covered in moss, while those in the last two adventure levels resemble masts.
  • Gothic Gardes: Pillars here are shaped like golden, eyed-eyed gargoyle statues.


In gameplay, the pillars bar narrow passages the player often has to use, preventing them from advancing with the levels. By using Amy's Transform Terrain action however, one can make the pillars retract into the ground to pass them. After a few seconds, they then return to their default position. Sometimes, the player can stand on top of the pillars when they rise to reach paths above them. Should the player get squeezed between a rising pillar and a surface through, the characters will take damage.



An early screenshot of the pillars.

  • In the early stages of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, the pillars' icons of Amy's Hammer would remain floating in the air instead of retracting into the ground along with the pillars.


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