The Piko Piko Hammer is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the signature weapon of Amy Rose, and an alternate version of the Piko Piko Hammer from another dimension set in the recent past.



The Piko Piko Hammer resembles a medium-sized double-faced sledgehammer or mallet. It has a red head, flexible yellow faces, and a purple handle.

Features and traits

The Piko Piko Hammer makes a distinct "piko" sound when it hits something. Although it packs decent power for a hammer, it does not appear as powerful as its modern counterpart, as it could not make a dent in Metal Sonic's armor, even after repetitive hits.[1]

When not using it, Amy keeps the Piko Piko Hammer in a hiding spot that remains unknown, but she can pull it out of nowhere on a moment's notice.[1]

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