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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Pierre[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic wolf who works at Diane Aardvark's ad agency.[2]


Pieere is a flame-furred anthropomorphic wolf with peach skin on his muzzle and belly. He is average of height and build, but slimmer than the likes of Wolfie. He also has a upturned muzzle, a medium-long black nose, long triangular ears with peach inner ears, a long bushy tail, and golden eyes. His attire consists of a pair of black-framed glasses, a red bow tie, a flannel shirt in green and mint, white gloves, and grey shoes.


TV series

Season two


Pierre in a meeting at work.

While working at Diane's ad agency, Pierre was introduced to Knuckles, the new creative executive. A few days later, Pierre was taken to Meh Burger by Diane to celebrate their recent work. There, he and the staff saw Knuckles get fired for attacking his co-worker Gunther while he tried handling other tasks.[2]


Like Gunther, Pierre appears somewhat no-nonsense orientated and pompous, like when he took little interest in Knuckles when he made an appearance at his workplace.[2]



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