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Sonic and Vector's pie festival.

The pie festival is an event that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a recurring festival held on Seaside Island that centers around pies.


Pie festivals seem to be a popular event in Hedgehog Village and the surroundings areas. At a pie festival, visitors are allowed to taste pies made by second parties.[1] These festivals may also host competitions for the best pie made by the participants, with the winner earning a blue ribbon.[2]


TV series

Season one

Pie Festival profile

Sticks with her pie and ribbon from the pie festival.

In preparation for the pie festival, Sticks made a beige berry pie for the competition. When the time came, everyone on Team Sonic went to the festival, except Tails who had been forced to replant an orchard he accidentally destroyed, much to his chagrin. At the pie festival, Sticks' pie won the competition.[2]

Season two

When Sonic and Vector looked for someone who ate their pie from the middle, Vector had them set up a pie festival for the residents of Hedgehog Village. The plan was then to keep an eye out for anyone eating a pie from the middle. However, the festival proved to be a bust, as Sonic and Vector failed to find their target.[1]


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