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The Phantom King[1] is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a modified state of the Heavy King which he assumed when he tried to steal the Phantom Ruby. He also serves as the leader of the Phantom Heavies.


The Phantom King, now bigger than his previous form, still retains the same red, gold, and gray color scheme he sported before. Losing his legs, he has gained purple, square-like tentacles that dangle from his bottom. His shoulders and collars have also become more pronounced and the crown on his chest has become red, though at the cost of his cape. His circular arms are coated with spikes. His bronze-colored armor-plating has also become yellow and more pronounced, covering most of his body. The Heavy King, in this new form, is at the size of the Klepto Mobile.


Sonic Mania

The Phantom King and Eggman fighting over the Phantom Ruby.

In Sonic Mania, when Sonic and Eggman were sent to Egg Reverie Zone with the Phantom Ruby, the Phantom King swiped the Phantom Ruby and used it to power himself. However, the Phantom King met resistance when Eggman (with the Klepto Mobile) and Super Sonic fought him separately for ownership of the Phantom Ruby. At the end of the conflict, the Heavy King was defeated by Super Sonic, failing at his goal of harnessing the Phantom Ruby.

Sonic Mania Plus

In Sonic Mania Plus, it was revealed that the Phantom King's broken body ended up on Angel Island. The Heavy Magician soon came to his side to give him the Phantom Ruby. He then used the Ruby to restore the Hard Boiled Heavies.

Powers and abilities

In this form, the Phantom King is powerful enough to bypass a Super State user's invulnerability with his most powerful attacks. His energy manipulation abilities have also been increased to the point where he is able to manifest and control energy spheres without his scepter.


Super Sonic facing the Phantom King.

The Phantom King appears as one of the two final bosses of Sonic Mania (the other being the Klepto Mobile). During the battle, the Phantom King will surround himself with impenetrable energy spheres that can make the player lose ten rings upon contact when fired at the playable character. The player must find an opening or wait until he no longer has a shield to strike. Hit the Phantom King eight times and he will be destroyed.


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