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The Fog and imposters of Mario and Sonic.

The Phantasmal Fog is the main weapon used by Bowser and Dr. Eggman to stop the Olympics. It has made only appearance at story mode in Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It was spread by the Fog Machines and Master Fog Machine. The Phantasmal Fog is exactly that; fog, that is shown to come in multiple colors.

The urn is what contains the fog itself. It is plunger shaped and has a bulb-like top that keeps it shut. The urn itself has swirls and a bit of lines on it halfway up its neck. The top is purple.


This history was given by Dr. Eggman, and Wario told how he got the Urn. About 300 years ago, the urn was said to have been stolen from Stonehenge by legendary pirate William Kidd. When the British Empire finally caught Captain Kidd and executed him, the urn was placed on exhibit in the British Museum. But around the time of the events of the game someone stole it from the museum and probably sold it. No one noticed its value because it was magically sealed to prevent the fog from escaping (this was done by Cap'n Kidd so he could steal it) but was cracked open by Eggman a bit. A curse was made on the urn which made imposters by someone thinking of another. This was meant to stop robbers from stealing it. An old woman sold it to Wario saying it was magical but Wario had no interest. After losing to Eggman, he gave it to him since they made a deal.

The urn could only be slightly opened by technology which is why Eggman enlisted the help of Bowser. Bowser commanded a Magikoopa go to Stonehenge and combine the power with his magic to break the seal. This is why E-123 Omega was needed since the power coming from it would hurt a person, but being a robot it had no effect on him.

It was sealed by Mario and Sonic and probably returned to the British Museum.

Powers and abilities

The fog was shown to create imposters of athletes. When someone thinks of another the urn will create an imposter of them. The imposter process has changed since more than one imposter appeared sometimes. The fog can also mind-control people if they breathe in the fog however it appears the fog has to be a certain way to do this since athletes in the fog weren't affected. Rouge the Bat was mind-controlled when she breathed in the fog. It was also able to thicken (when a person is close to the source) and lighten (when an imposter is defeated). It was shown to mess with technology when it is stronger or the technology is exposed to it for a long time. It can get thicker and make it harder to breath and weaken small people (Toad as an example). It was shown to be able to increase the power Scriptures as well.

Overall Abilities

  • Creating Imposters
  • Mind Controlling and Personality Change
  • Air Thickness and Lightning
  • Making it harder to breath
  • Technology Interference
  • Weakening people
  • Power Increasing

Victims of Mind Control

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