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Pepper is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is an anthropomorphic simian and one of the Spice Maidens.


Pepper is an anthropomorphic simian with brown eyes, black fur, and black curly hair. She wears a red shirt alongside a white scarf and white pants. She also has silver earrings pierced through he ears.



Captain Plunder met Pepper when she was still a young girl and formed an impression of her as being sweet and innocent. However, she grew up to become a fierce fighter; Zorabel would state that Pepper and her sister frequently caused 'bother', for example, by brawling in taverns like The Pink Parrot in Scourge Bay.[1]

The Akotek Treasure

As part of Zorabel's plan to steal the Akotek Treasure, she insisted that Pepper, along with her sisters, accompanied Captain Plunder. Plunder protested against the idea though, claiming having women on a ship was bad luck, even after Pepper floored him. The girls joined Plunder's crew regardless, with their mother coming along.[2]

After finding out the location of the treasure from Krakiota the sea serpent,[3] Plunder became uneasy when he learned that they would be robbing the tomb of King Akotek. However, Pepper convinced him to continue by telling him of Akotek's great wealth.[4] After arriving at the island where the treasure was, Plunder had the curse of the tomb placed on himself by accident. Pepper and her family then took the treasure back to their ship, unaffected by the curse. They then returned to Scourge Bay.[4][5][6]


Pepper is the most violent of the Spice Maidens and somewhat hot-tempered. She also does not think much of Captain Plunder at all.


  • Like how the Spice Maidens are a reference to the Spice Girls, a famous English pop girl group from the 1990s, Pepper appears to be loosely modeled after Sporty Spice, Melanie Chisholm's Spice Girls stage persona.

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