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Charges up the Soul Gauge.

Sonic and the Secret Rings manual

The Pearl is a type of collectible items that appear in Sonic and the Secret Rings. They are just as commonplace as Rings in the World of the Arabian Nights. They are used for charging the Soul Gauge.


A Pearl

The standard Pearls are small spherical objects with a faint orange aura.


Pearls are seen throughout the missions of Sonic and the Secret Rings, where they either lie close to the ground or float in midair. Generally, they are arranged in large circular clusters, strings along pathways, or inside the holes of Rings on the paths.

The player can collect Pearls by touching them or defeating enemies. In turn, each Pearl will charge up a small fragment of the Soul Gauge with Soul. There are also Skills that, when equipped, allows the player to attract Pearls over a greater range.


Rich Pearls

Main article: Rich Pearl

Rich Pearl

Rich Pearls are larger and rarer versions of the Pears, but also adds twenty times more energy to the Soul Gauge.


  • Unlike Rings, Pearls have a unique chime sound that increase in pitch as more Pearls are continuously collected, the chimes reset after a short period without collecting pearls.
  • In Sonic and the Black Knight, Pearls are replaced with Red Fairies, but during the tutorial stages in Misty Lake, their are apples that are lined like Pearls and use same chime sound when collected.
  • In Sonic Runners Tropical Coast Event, players have to collect pearls in order to climb the Event Rankings, proceed in the new Episode and unlock various prizes such as the Super Rare Buddy Mother Wisp.